View and Download Edirol V-4 owner’s manual online. 4-channel video mixer. V- 4 Mixer pdf manual download. Roland is either registered trademark or trademark of Roland Corporation in the grasp of every feature of your new unit, owner’s manual should be read in its. Edirol V-4 video mixer Owner’s Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Once you switch to Presentation mode, that setting will be preserved.

Video Signal Flow Connecting peripheral devices Video signal flow The video signals received from the four input jacks are assigned to channels A or B of the video mixer. This is the factory reset. When you have specified the operation, press the enter button. Hit the BD button repeatedly until you see S3.

Posted on Jun 13, When the unit is grounded, a slight noise may result, depending on the particulars of your installation. It will ddirol approximately five seconds for the V-4 to initialize itself and begin operating. Press the menu button MENU. Successively press the channel A input select buttons 1 through 4 to switch the image.

Trans-Trans Output the image of pressed channel as long as button is held.

Use the cursor buttons to select the type of fade pattern. You will need to push the power button to turn on the unit, but keep the power button held down for about 30 seconds.

Changing the color of the image Some effects cannot be used simultaneously. Page 6 When the unit is grounded, a slight noise may problem.

Press the power key and the unit will be reset to original factory specs. You can edit and save the assignments of the following buttons and dials: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Use this when you want to output two images simultaneously. The lcd screen won’t show images or take photos?



How old is your camera? Edirll As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this apparatus may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows: Apply other effects to composite two images. Enter text from picture: Dec 29, Sony Video Cameras. V-LINK is a function that allows images to be synchronized to music. If you press the menu button three times, you will exit the menu screens and return to the previous screen.

The present picture is wiped off as it changes to another To use the Posterize effect, you will need to assign it to an effect button of channel A or channel B. Key01 Transition effects using key extraction Changing the color of the image Turn the control dial. Select channel B image. Press the edirll select buttons 1 through 4 and OUTPUT one after another, and verify that the image being output to your TV monitor changes accordingly.

Edirol V-4 Owner’s Manual

Operating the video fader does not switch the image If the same image is being input to channels A and B, operating the T-bar will not produce any change in the output image. Here is how you do a factory reset: The settings edit menu will appear on the TV screen connected to the preview output. Press the menu button to display the V-4 menu on the preview screen.

Background video BGV can be controlled while you play a musical instrument. It’s worth a thousand words. Then hold power button 5 seconds. Help Terry Manuap It indicates that your ccd image is defective. Move the video fader Moving the video fader will control the appearance and disappearance of the background image. From there, it can be operated.


Even if you are using a device that does not support V-LINK, you can make transmission and reception settings so that the V-4 can be controlled from a musical instrument or other external device. Please enter edirrol valid email address.

The image for Luminance Key should have clear contrast of light and dark. Reset to factory settings by pressing the reset button present in most models. Trying randomly I’ve found that by pushing and keeping pushed some buttons before switching power on, that opens different sub-menus: Switching In Synchronization Mxnual Music Switching in synchronization with music Switching in synchronization with music The V-4 can switch images in synchronization with the beat of the music.

Roland has licensed this technology from the TPL Group. See all Edirol V4 Mixer Editol. Press the button three times to exit the menu screen and return to the previous screen. Press the button twice to exit the menu screen and return to the previous screen. Page 51 – Changing the assignment of the channel A The brightness and color of the image will be eddirol to a negative.

Wipe Effects The effects like windshield wiper on a car. These assignments are made manually.

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