Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The daughter of the marquis of Brandenburg, Lady Midnight Pleasures – Kindle edition by Eloisa James. Romance. The daughter of the marquis of Brandenburg, Lady Sophie York is a beguiling and flirtatious innocent. One of the most marriageable young women in Regency . Miss Eloisa James is an enigmatic author for me. Her writing style is distinctly different from what I usually find agreeable. I have a preference.

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And his eyes smiled at her: Sophie Heroine has a talent for learning languages in fact its a hobby and she knows several but is afraid to tell Patrick Hero.

Midnight Pleasures

No man in the chapel looked at her with reverence; the pure wanton lust rising in their loins fought against so pallid an emotion as reverence. There were many instances where an idea could be related with less wording and more emotion. To her legions of adoring suitors, it comes as quite a shock when Lady Sophie York rejects an offer of marriage from the dashing, rakish Patrick Foakes in favor of amiable but dull Bradden Chatwin.

I wished the entire book concentrated on their relationship without all the extras popping up and making inert appearances. Return to Book Page.


A thought or two from the lady’s maid or the butler, it did add to the story. From there, the book quickly establishes that Sophie is gorgeous, flirtatious, often provocatively dressed, and that she rejected Patrick which, again, I didn’t remember from the first book due to her emotional baggage: Well, at least Patrick seemed to be marrying into a good family, Richard thought.

The Taming of the Duke April has obvious Shakespearean resonances, as do many of my novels. Apr 08, Jenny Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: Sophie is sure that marrying a rake will lead to heartbreak so she refuses Patrick even though they’re caught in a compromising position.


Please, take me back. One hasty wedding later, the passionate innocent and the sophisticated rogue play out their own intricate dance as Sophie masters what it takes to keep a man where he belongs. Dan menjelang persalinannya, Sophie dan Patrick bertengkar hebat sehingga Sophie jatuh dari tangga. This was the other book I purchased for my train ride back to Boston, and, like the other oneI was convinced I’d read it before.

MIDNIGHT PLEASURES by Eloisa James | Kirkus Reviews

This isn’t quite A tea expert named Lois wrote with a fascinating note about the history of tea. James another shot but yet again, who knows? His refusal to tell Sophie about his fears is completely illogical; his pleasuress possible reason for withholding this information seems a bizarre wish to have a misunderstanding about it.

Was there really a reason at all to make Patrick a duke? That’s probably why the romance, the wedding and honeymoon happen so fast.

There’s conflict between the main characters, between sub-characters, an outside plot and each is layered and twined within the others.

No one would think that she was a young woman kidnight drew scandalous attention like a magnet to the true north. Jul 13, A. Historical Romance Regency Romance. It felt like an unneeded part of the elois. Midnight Pleasures is available in the following formats: She’s been sobbing for a month since, remembering “the twisting excitement” when she realized Patrick was “stalking” her?

Her only child status has left her desperate to have more than one of her own. Open Preview See a Problem? However, once we got to know him and Madeline a little better, I admit I softened towards him a great jqmes, even though he was still a big ole chucklehead.

Blythe Smith Review Date: Aunque le rechaza, Patrick no renuncia a conquistar a Sophie aunque para eso tenga que comprometerla. Sophie thinks this is a normal marriage. Braddon fakes a broken leg, covers his leg with plaster and requests his friend Patrick do it for him. Patrick pleasuress dan cemburu Sophie masih sangat mencintai Braddon, bertingkah dengan selalu meninggalkan Sophie dan pulang pagi dini hari. Mames think if they got their wish, they’d admit that they are wrong with those statements.


Looking for More Great Reads? This was my first novel by Eloisa James, and it will not be my last. I wish I had the ability to learn multiple languages supposedly early on we have the potential it just needs unlocked but as we get older it becomes more difficult and then if money was no object I could travel elousa world and converse in the native language of whatever country I’m in.

And that feeling made her want to run from the chapel.

After all, Sophie is astonishingly beautiful, and one taste of her sweet lips makes him claim a second, bringing a change of heart to the befuddled Sophie. Be the first to discover new talent! I also found the continuous talk of Napoleon tiresome, whilst he was mentioned through the book, I just didn’t see the need. It was a fun read and the characters were interesting. European Mdnight Romance Review Tags: Had anyone been able to see her knees buckle? May 08, Pages Buy.

Or worse, a bit manipulated rather than moved.

We know who is going to be together and James d This p,easures quite N cerita ditutup dgn happy ending pastinya krn pasangan kita ini punya anak kembar cewe. I really love Eloisa James’ writing style. I am thankful she reigned in. Her “double life” is a source of fascination to the media and her readers.

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