View and Download EMKO ESM instruction manual online. 48 x 48 1/16 DIN. Universal Input Process Indicator with Smart Output Module System. you very much for buying Emko products. ESM series process indicators can be adapted easily to all applications and ESM OWNER’s MANUAL. ESM-XX00 series process indicators are designed for measuring temperature and any process can be used in many applications with their universal.

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If present, the shield must be connected to a proper ground. Standard, indoor at an altitude of less than meters with none condensing humidity. News Click here to read news about our company Process Input Connection 3. They can be used in many applications with their universal process input, alarm functions and serial communication unit. General Specifications Some application fields which they are used are below: It is active if logic output function of Module- 2 is selected emio output.


Got it, continue to print. You can also rotate other languages using Google Translate Installation Before beginning installation of this product, please read the instruction manual and warnings below carefully. It is active if logic output function of Module- 1 is selected alarm output.

ESM-4400 “Smart Output Module” Process Indicator

Definitions and Specifications of Modules ESM Process Indicator is a modular product which is designed to operate with additional analogue and digital emio units which user may need.

Display and Front Panel. It can be adjusted from to seconds.

You must login to see this link. User may configure the product for different applications according to the system requirements with the output modules which are described in this section.

It is your responsibility, as the installer, to ensure that the configuration is correct. E-Support Live Support F.

ESM “Smart Output Module” Process Indicator – CSO TRADING

Education Training Click here to view the in-house trainings Virtual Training Live Support F. Definition Of Front Panel 7. Humidity Thermocouples Thermoresistances Transmitter Software. Table Of Contents emkko.


Application Notes Published notes to help you reach. Every group has a title and firstly user must determine the title menu for accessing to the parameters. It can be adjusted from low limit of input selected with parameter parameter.

EMO Configuration of analogue output module in Module-2 socket. Defines type and scale of the thermocouple for TC input.

Please refer to Section 8. Electrical Wirings You must ensure ekmo the device is correctly configured for your application. Voltage Input Types dc. Technician parameters are grouped into subgroups according to their functions.

automation –

The subgroups are named as menu pages. EMO Configuration of analogue output module in Module-1 socket. Please refer to Section 9. It is active if TC input type is selected. It determines logic output function of the output module in Module-1 socket Defines alarm type Alarm-1 hysteresis value

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