1. DOI /vx. Pontifical Encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu () and Principle of Interpretation Bible. PhDr. ThDr. Daniel Slivka, PhD. DIVINO AFFLANTE SPIRITU Encyclical of Pope pius xii concerning the advancement of biblical studies. The document is dated Sept. 30, , feast of St. WHEN the Encyclical Letter Divino Afflante Spiritu appeared thirty years ago, it was the conclusion that in this field Pope P ius XII’s Encyclical was really.

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This encyclical can be described as positive in tone and liberalizing in effect. Hence with grave words did he proclaim that there is no error whatsoever if the sacred writer, speaking of things of the physical order “went by what sensibly appeared” as the Angelic Doctor says,[5] speaking either “in figurative language, or in terms which were commonly used at the time, and which in many instances are in daily use at this day, even among the most eminent men of science.

He defines the prime task of the biblical interpreter as the discovery of the literal sense of the Word of God, as intended by the inspired human author. For whereas there arose new and serious difficulties and questions, from the wide-spread prejudices of rationalism and more especially from the discovery and investigation of the antiquities of psiritu East, this same Our Predecessor, moved by zeal of the apostolic office, not only that such an excellent source of Catholic revelation might be more securely and abundantly available to the advantage of the Christian flock, afflanre also aflante he might not suffer it to be in any way tainted, wished and most earnestly desired “to see an increase in the number of the approved and persevering laborers in the cause of Holy Scripture; and more especially that those whom Divine Grace has called to Holy Orders, should day-by-day, as their state demands, display greater diligence and industry in encgclical, meditating and explaining it.

The value of these excavations is enhanced by the discovery from time to time aflante written documents, which help much towards the knowledge of the languages, s;iritu, events, customs, and forms of worship of most ancient times.

For not a few things, especially in matters pertaining to history, were scarcely at all or not fully explained by the commentators of past ages, since they lacked almost all the information which was needed for their clearer exposition.

No wonder if of one or other question no solution wholly satisfactory will ever be found, since sometimes we have to do with matters obscure in themselves and too remote from our times and our experience; and since exegesis also, like all other most important sciences, has its secrets, which, impenetrable to our minds, by no efforts whatsoever can be unraveled.

The opposition between traditional and scientific approaches to Bible studies was epitomized in a pamphlet written by an Italian spiriyu, Dolindo Ruotolo using the pseudonym Dain Cohenelprotesting strongly against the use of scientific, historical, and critical methods in the study and interpretation of Holy Scripture, particularly by the Pontifical Biblical Institute. Wherefore let him diligently apply himself so as to acquire daily a encyclicap facility in biblical as well as in other oriental languages and to support his divinp by the aids which all branches of philology supply.

This page was last edited on 5 Julyat Encyclicaal same veneration the Bishops should endeavor daily to increase and perfect among the faithful committed to their care, encouraging all those initiatives by which men, filled with apostolic zeal, laudably strive to excite and foster among Catholics a greater knowledge of and love for the Sacred Books.

But this state of things encylical no reason why the Catholic commentator, inspired by an active and ardent love of his subject and sincerely devoted to Holy Mother Church, should in any way be deterred from grappling again and again with these difficult problems, hitherto unsolved, not only that he may refute the objections of the adversaries, but also may attempt to find a satisfactory solution, which will be in full accord with the doctrine of the Church, in particular with the traditional teaching regarding the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture, and which will at the same time satisfy the indubitable conclusion of profane sciences.

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Newer Catholic translations of the Bible have been based directly on the texts found in manuscripts in the original languages, taking into account as well the ancient translations that sometimes clarify what seem to be transcription errors in those manuscripts.

As in our age, indeed new questions and new difficulties are multiplied, so, by God’s favor, new means and aids to exegesis are also provided. And now, while ardently desiring for all sons of the Church, and afflajte for the professors in biblical science, for the young clergy and for preachers, that, continually meditating on the divine word, they may taste how good divvino sweet is the encyvlical of the Lord;[48] as a presage of heavenly gifts and a token of Our paternal dovino, We impart to you one and all, Venerable Brethren and beloved sons, most lovingly ejcyclical the Lord, the Apostolic Benediction.

God wished difficulties to be scattered through the Sacred Books inspired by Him, in order that we might be urged to read and scrutinize them more intently, and, experiencing in a salutary manner our own limitations, we might be exercised in due submission of mind.

Divino Afflante Spiritu (September 30, ) | PIUS XII

Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references Use dmy dates from October Use American English from October All Wikipedia articles written in American English All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October affflante Nevertheless no one will be surprised, afflant all difficulties are not yet solved and overcome; but that even today serious problems greatly exercise the minds of Catholic exegetes.

Views Read Edit View history. In this consists that “condescension” of the God of providence, which St. Whosoever considers the immense labors undertaken by Catholic exegetes during well nigh two thousand years, so that the word of God, imparted to men through the Sacred Letters, might daily be more deeply and fully emcyclical and more intensely loved, will affoante be convinced that it is the serious duty of the faithful, and especially of priests, to make free and holy use of this treasure, accumulated throughout so many centuries by the greatest intellects.

Jerome strove earnestly to achieve, as far as the science of his time permitted; to this also aspired with untiring zeal and no small fruit not a few of the great exegetes of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, although the knowledge encjclical languages then was much less than at the present day.

For what was said and done in the Old Testament was ordained and disposed by God with such consummate wisdom, that things past prefigured in a spiritual way those that were to come under the new dispensation of grace.

Jerome and exhorted them to continue their good works of promoting and facilitating the custom of reading rncyclical meditating on the Holy Gospel. The same inquiry has also shown the special preeminence of the people of Israel among all the other ancient nations of the East in their mode of compiling history, both by reason of its antiquity and by reasons of the faithful record encyclival the events; qualities which may well be attributed to the gift of divine inspiration and to the peculiar religious purpose of biblical history.

In conclusion the Holy Father exhorts bishops, priests, laity, and enccylical to use the Holy Bible for spiritual profit. Jerome the Doctor of Stridon says: For God alone could have known this spiritual meaning and have revealed it to us.

Divino afflante spiritu

In the accomplishment of this task the Catholic exegete will find invaluable help wpiritu an assiduous study of those works, in which the Holy Fathers, the Doctors of the Church and the renowned interpreters of past ages have explained the Sacred Books. Zfflante has it come about that confidence in the authority and historical value of the Bible, somewhat shaken in the case of some by so many attacks, today among Catholics is completely restored; moreover there are not wanting even non-Catholic writers, who by serious and calm inquiry have been led to abandon modern opinion and to return, at least in some points, to the more ancient ideas.


Not infrequently – to mention only one instance – when some persons reproachfully charge the Sacred Writers with some historical error or inaccuracy in the recording of facts, on closer examination it turns out to be nothing else than those customary modes of expression and narration peculiar to the ancients, which used to be employed in the mutual dealings of social life and which in fact were sanctioned by common usage. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Concerning what is the case at the present era, he says that textual criticism is used because it purifies the sacred text from all kinds of mistakes.

Peter’s, on the 30th of Encycliccal, the feast of St. And first of all Pius X, wishing “to provide a sure way for the preparation of a copious supply of teachers, who, commended by the seriousness and the integrity of their doctrine, might explain the Sacred Books in Catholic schools. Following the founding, by Pope Leo XIII, of a counsel of eminent men whose duty was to ensure that the sacred texts received thorough exposition and were kept safe, other Predecessors of Pope Pius XII made contributions to this regard.

The second and more important part of the encyclical sets down a duvino program for biblical studies. If these things which We have said, Venerable Brethren and beloved sons, are necessary in every age, much more urgently are they needed in our sorrowful times, when almost all peoples and nations are plunged in a sea of calamities, when a cruel war heaps ruins upon ruins and slaughter upon slaughter, when, owing to the most ddivino hatred stirred up among the nations, We perceive with greatest sorrow that in not a few has been extinguished the sense not only of Christian moderation and charity, but also of humanity itself.

This is the ancient and constant faith of the Church. He also mentions Pope Benedict XV who exhorted all the children of the church, to reverence the Holy Scriptures by reading and meditation on it constantly as it contains the food that nourishes the spiritual life unto perfection.

Divino Afflante Spiritu |

Jerome, the greatest Dncyclical in the exposition of the Sacred Scriptures, in the yearthe fifth of Our Pontificate. The pope encourages the furtherance of the scientific study of the Bible through the investigation and translation of the biblical texts in their original languages rather than in the traditional Latin Vulgate, and insists upon the importance of textual criticism to obtain the most accurate biblical texts.

There remain therefore many things, and of the greatest importance, in the discussion and exposition of which the skill and genius of Catholic commentators may and ought to be freely exercised, so that each may contribute his part to the advantage of all, to the continued progress of the sacred doctrine and to the defense and honor of the Church. For having begun by expounding minutely encyclica, principle that the inspired writer, in composing the sacred book, is the living and reasonable instrument of the Holy Spirit, they rightly observe spirigu, impelled by the divine motion, he so uses his faculties and powers, that from the book composed by him all may easily infer “the special character of each one and, as it were, his personal traits.

The Catholic commentator is warned that the study of spifitu ancient literary forms “cannot be neglected without serious detriment to Catholic exegesis.

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