Edith’s memoir Taken Care Of is more connectedly written than English Eccentrics, and very sad indeed. Rejected by her parents (“I was. “Eccentricity exists particularly in the English”, June 8, This review is from: English Eccentrics a Gallery of Weird (Paperback) A variable collection of. Poet, biographer and celebrated eccentric Sitwell’s gallery of historical English outliers: “Eccentricity is not, as dull people would have us believe, a form of.

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Vulpes Libris wants to savelibraries!

The audiences at these productions were lively bordering on violent, and behaved as if they were in a bear-baiting pit. A fine post — and the first I’ve seen in my RSS I really enjoy what you have written and shall reread the review.

The English Eccentrics

Hans Schoolenberg rated it liked it Jan englihs, The lesson to be drawn from it—if so heavy a draught as a lesson be required—is that eccentricity ranks as a national asset.

He was immediately enveloped in flames.

They ride upon bulls with pigs for pointers, drink eight bottles of port a day, use their coffins wdith sideboards and are carried to their graves on the shoulders of stout widows, unless they die in a debtor’s prison.

Death scenes were particularly popular and the Gifted Amateur was often obliged to perform encores in which he died again and again.

Such understated whimsy within these pages! I, for one, was enchanted by her descriptions of, for example, the amphibious Lord Rokeby, the Ornamental Hermits, the dandy Romeo Coates, the rascally William Huntington “the coal-heaver Preacher”, the intrepid Squire Waterton, and the ingenious Princess Caraboo, among dozens of others.


RIP Malty Oct, 15 Account Options Sign in. Presently it was pulled down, and mementoes made out of the timber.

Jesse rated it really liked it Feb 19, They are the quacks and alchemists who pretend to cure the ills of this world, ” Merry Andrew ” who was physician to Henry VIII and all his throng: He remarried at and in due course his wife presented him with a child.

The learned lady is balanced by the next chapter on men of learning, in which Herbert Spencer is seen traveling in a hammock slung in a train, his manuscript tied around eidth waist with string. Really fun read of a review, and if you can tell me how to get a job reading books for adapting into movies I can send you my CV…. But in pages such as hers, where erudition is controlled by fantasy, and a eccebtrics wave of the parasol performs a minor magic, transforms exhibitors into exhibits, auriculas, cacti, sedums, Dom Pedro tulips, a few mushrooms, some spurge.

Sitwell, it sounds like she was unfulfilled with her strange, but interesting life, though I realize that her younger years were sad.

Edith Sitwell and the English Eccentrics – The Dabbler

I, for one, was enchanted by her descriptions of, for example, the amphibious Lord Rokeby, the Ornamental Hermits, the dandy Romeo Coates, the rascally William Huntington “the coal-heaver Preacher”, the intrep No mere catalog of eccentricity The inimitable Edith Sitwell, in her jewelled prose, weaves together the threads of assorted strange personages, and the effect is hypnotic.


Perhaps it contains editb little pinch of dust which, in Miss Sitwell’s vision, is the conclusion of the whole matter. English Eccentrics Edith Sitwell Snippet view – She was a technical poet par excellence, and a very wise voice, for all her personal unwisdom. All kinds of eccentricity are noted by this witty, urbane and often unexplored writer.

He was obliged at to do public penance for philandering, wrapped in a white sheet at the church door.

English Eccentrics – Edith Sitwell – Google Books

Return to Book Page. A collective of bibliophiles talking about books. Zoom page 19 May As a young women, when her parents were embroiled in bankruptcies and scandals, she left the family home to live in near poverty in a small flat in London with her old governess.

Feb 07, francesbean rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh, sir, it is really a shame that these creatures could do so—do but see what a waste they make.

English Eccentrics by Edith Sitwell

Open Preview See a Problem? This was an entertaining debut.

I have or had one of them ; a little round urn-shaped box with a lid.

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