Oct 27, This Pin was discovered by Kevin Scarborough. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. THE ENOCHIAN HIERARCHY Tablet of Union EXARP Air of SPIRIT HCOMA Water of SPIRIT NANTA Earth of SPIRIT BITOM Fire of SPIRIT EHNB Spirit of Spirit. COLOURING THE ENOCHIAN TABLETS ( e.v.) by Sharash such: Air – Red Water – Green Earth – Black Fire – White This was the only.

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Back to Enochian Tablets. All Tablets are signed on the back by Chic and Tabatha Cicero. One calls forth a serviant angel and the other is used to command the angel.

Planetary Banner large — Sun Large size banner measures approximately 20 x It is the Portal Initiation. New Aeon Some have suggested to go along with the Golden Dawn method except instead of using black for earth, to use green since gire corresponds closer to the New Aeon instead of the Piscean Age. Enochian Chess Air Board. Water Tablet with Flashing Crosses. This serves to empower the candidate in that new elemental powers are now available to him or her.

Enochian Fire Tablet

Choose English or Enochian script. In enochizn subquadrant corresponding to fir element of the tablet itself, the colour of the letter is in the complimentary or “flashing” colour of the elemental colour. Flashing Crosses and Border. All the Enochian letters are in white squares with a red letter. Should Galaxie Software still exist and object, I will, of course, remove it, even though I suspect that its distribution in the present environment would constitute fair use for non-profit educational purposes.


Truncated Pyramid Water Tablet. I have attempted to locate Galaxie Software, and they appear to be out of business.

This is the purest Spiritual force and is only invoked when some empowering is required from the direct force of spirit. John Dee and Edward Kelly. These Angels help to regulate and balance the forces employed. Since black has no complimentary colour, in earth of Earth the lettering firw be green in a black square. Truncated Pyramid Earth Tablet.

Thus, for the most part, it remained dormant, undefined and unusable.

That is, in the water subquadrant of the Air tablet, the Coloured Squares are yellow, and the letters are blue. Through the power of the Secret Names the firw nature of the element involved in the initiation is filtered through the Tablet into the ” Aura ” or sphere of sensation of the advancing candidate.

Crosses in Flashing Colors. Years later in Chicago, a disgruntled Paul Foster Case after being expelled from the order by Ennochian Mathers ,would lead a quiet crusade to convince fellow students that Enochian Magic was “volatile and dangerous. Westcott derived Earth Chess Board.

There is a definite hierarchy encohian each of these tablets. The King is always invoked when lower elemental forces on the Tablet are to be utilized.

This allows the elemental Weapon to receive in the charging phase the Planetary powers through the elemental nature of the planet.

A superior piece you will treasure and use for years! The watchtowers and the black cross. The Enochian Watchtower of water. In this method, the only squares that are coloured are the Kerubic squares and Servient squares located in the four subquadrants of each tablet.

Enochian Elemental Tablets

The Seniors act as a kind of funnel for the specific forces of a particular planet. These angels are only invoked when the Adept wishes to work with a specific subservient angel.


Another variation atblet all Crosses in Flashing Colors as in Series 2 but also includes the border in the appropriate Elemental Color:. Water – blue with orange symbol Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Air Tablet with Flashing Crosses. Truncated Pyramid Air Tablet. Without entering into the debate on the ” dangers ” of Enochian Magicwhen used with caution and in accordance with Second Order Teachingsit is not only safe, it is utterly effective in the physical world, and illuminating in the area of Spiritual development!

Everything in the above Golden Dawn chart stays the same, except you must change all blacks to green but use black for the complimentary colour of earth. For example, all the coloured squares on the Air Tablet will be yellow; for the Earth tablet, black, etc. In each tablet there are three Secret Holy Names of God which are extracted from the horizontal cross bar of the central cross of each Tablet. Enochian Chess Fire Board. John Dee and Edward Kellythe secrets that were lost with the patriarch of the Bible known tabelt Enoch were returned to those who thirst for the knowledge of Light.

New Aeon This method, again is the same as the Golden Dawn but earth is green with red symbol.

It is an Angelic language often referred to as ” Enochian.

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