Solembum told Eragon that when all seemed lost and his power was insufficient, to speak his name to the Rock of Kuthian in order to open the Vault of Souls. Inheritance – Or The Vault Of Souls – Inheritance, Book Four [Christopher Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Trade Paperback Boxed Set (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr. tl;dnr:** The Eldunarí “influenced” Selena and Brom, Eragon’s parents, to fall in love, and for Selena to betray / turn on Morzan and.

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He predicted that Eragon would lose his weapon and told him to look under the Menoa tree. They do this by influencing Brom – their “useful weapon” – to create a child of his own However, given her utter loyalty and dedication to Morzan, I do not think that this resentment was enough to turn Selena against ersgon, or change allegiances altogether to ally with Brom and the Varden.

What do you believe the Vault of Souls contains? Additionally, I think that Brom becoming a gardener for Morzan was a hasty venture, likely done swiftly after Morzan had probably killed the previous gardener in a rage [or another reason], so Brom might not have had time to effectively prepare for his undercover mission.

This isn’t what you’d expect at all. I wrote my reasoning as to why I think she could’ve recognized him here. Eragon pulls out his mind from Glaedr to allow him some alone time, but Glaedr decides to show his true name since Eragon and Saphira showed theirs to him.

Galbatorix’s victory would have been absolute – as indeed he believes it was – and our kind [the dragons] would have passed forever from the face of the earth Draws close attention to the Star Wars parallel that runs throughout the series.

Case in point, Brom, out of vwult – seemingly out of nowhere – decides to “seduce and kill” Morzan’s consort, and Murtagh’s mother, Selena. The digital copy of Inheritance that I got a hold of is crap. Want to add to the discussion? Why do you think kf neither Arya or Oromis could remember the Rock of Kuthian? Selena had intended to return to Morzan’s castle, having left Eragon in the care of her brother and sister-in-law, but the journey took it’s toll on her health and she fell deathly ill.


We personally enjoy three key theories, each of which attempts to explain or understand the Rock of Kuthian and the Vault soulx Souls in their own unique way. Instead of showing us this, we simply get exposition telling us about how this brought the two closer.

I also reagon think that, no matter how good his disguise, Brom could not out-fool Selena, who was the said to be one of the best spies and assassins in the land herself. The Vault of Souls. Eragon has since spent much of his time pondering the Rock of Kuthian and the Vault of Souls. FanSpeculation – A theory speculating the contents of future works.

We feel this is very likely.

“Big Twenty” – The Rock of Kuthian and Vault of Souls: Where and What Are They? We’ve Got Answers!

Thank you so much! Rule 2 – Vauult provide evidence Evidence makes for a good theory, this will be judged at the discretion of the mods. Arya was able to offer the pair little little information.

This caused resentment on Selena’s part towards Morzan.

This, of course, includes the ultimate defeat of Galbatorix, which Eragon and Saphira had yet to accomplish at that time. Things tend to sparkle in the sunlight. As Morzan’s greatest spy and assassin, Selena likely knew all of these things. Oh I wonder what that could be! You mean something like this? Umaroth also outright omits what role they played in how Brom finally killed Morzan, which involves Selena to a good degree.

Chapter Fifty-Four: The Vault of Souls: antishurtugal

Morzan had many enemies, and he knew Brom was coming for him. The new book won’t focus on Eragon but he and all of our other favorites will be at least mentioned. With Inheritance Book 4 around the corner, it appears as though we may finally receive some answers.

Your IP address will be recorded. That having been said, it does nothing to cast doubt on the rest of your theory. The reader believed that the Rock of Kuthian could be named after an ancient guardian — Kuthian — who rests in wait, erayon the Vault of Souls.



No disrespect to the players, though. Brom idolized Morzan, tagged after him, allowed Morzan to boss him around and always considered himself weaker than Morzan.

Morzan often took advantage of Brom’s unflagging admiration, making him sragon as a bat”. She also knew that Erzgon had probably killed Brom’s dragon, Saphira I, and that Brom had joined the elves at the Battle of Ilirea Uru’baenonly for them to lose to Galbatorix and the Forsworn Morzan included. TV shows, movies, video games, anime, comic books, novels and even songs are things we like to see, but events pertaining to real eeagon are not.

This has left little time for Eragon and Saphira to actively pursue vaultt on what the prophecy revealed; however, Eragon has chosen to confide parts of the prophecy in two elves whom he trusts implicitly in hopes that either of them may be aware of information which could help him and Saphira learn more about the Rock, Vault and their whereabouts.

Then, when all seems lost and your power is insufficient, go to the Rock of Kuthian and speak your name to open the Vault of Souls.

However, the eggs, for decades, failed to respond to any touch. The Vault of Souls. The Elder suggested that Eragon search his collection of scrolls in hopes of discovering more information, though doubted he would find any erayon of the Rock.

Their teacher, Oromis, considered separating them, but never did, despite Morzan’s cruelty. Whether you want to promote your podcast, Youtube channel or blog, we do ask that you contact the mod team via mod mail before you post, but we are more likely to turn you down if it is not FanTheory related.

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