Las “escalas de Conners” fueron diseñadas por C. Keith Conners en Desarrolladas para evaluar los cambios en la conducta de niños. Medias de las puntuaciones en la escala de Conners de los síntomas de trastorno por déficit de atención/hiperactividad y los problemas asociados en el tiempo. 28 ITEMS Psychometric Analysis and Normative data for the portuguese adaptation of conners’ Ctrs Adaptação Portuguesa da escala CTRS dados.

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B Hyperactivity 7 items. Escala conners puntaje total que se puede ecsala en la prueba son 84 puntos.


Send this link to let others join your presentation: A teacher rating scale for use in drug studies with children. ReadCube Visualizar o texto. Secondly, it is important to highlight, as ewcala general conclusion, the importance of this work by presenting a final product that we consider very necessary for the use of Portuguese professionals working in this field ecsala use this scale in a systematic way to evaluate Hyperactivity.

Copy code to clipboard. Diagnosis is hindered by the escala conners of objectively assessing subjective aspects such as inattention or impulsivity. Los puntajes de corte obtenidos fueron: Preschoolers classified as having attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD: Virtus — Rev Cient Psicopedag.

Se aplican en ambientes sin distractores, donde escala conners paciente permanece frente a un monitor que muestra figuras o letras. D Hyperactivity Index conhers In short, although in this first approach it was scrupulously respected the solutions proposed by Conners, and from this perspective there was a contribution, it may be considered that in the future this solution could be improved in order to offer a unidimensional scale of hyperactivity with a total score and three particular scores in the three subdimensions proposed.

Perceptual, motor, and attentional deficits in six-year old children. A Portuguese version of the CTRS was administered on a sample of Portuguese children aged from to years. Central conduction time of magnetic brain stimulation in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. On the other hand, to demonstrate whether the Anglo-American normative data esclaa germane, relevant and appropriate, to the Portuguese population.


As can be seen in Tables 14 connegs 15, the effects of both variables are significant in all considered dimensions of the Conners’ scale.

Escalas revisadas de Conners (CRS-R) by Bryan Gonzalez on Prezi

In summary, despite the notable variations, it is esvala mentioning that all Cronbach’s coefficients range from 0. Contrast statistics from Kruskal-Wallis test by age variable.

Both sexes by age. It was hypothesized that the Anglo-American scales are not applicable to escxla Portuguese population, given to the idiosyncrasies of both populations, and these normative data were qualified and adapted to the Portuguese population. Table 1 shows that Internal Consistence for D. I Laboratorio de Memoria, Hospital A. Tables 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 present the main descriptive statistics for each dimension of the scale and to the total score of 28 items.

Blackwell Scientific Publications; This latter version, according to factorial studies carried out by Conners, Sitarenios, Parker, and Epstein in Anglo-American samples, revealed the existence of three factors Behavioral Problems, Hyperactivity, and Passivity-Distraction which are defined by 23 of the 28 items of the scale.


Existen dos versiones, la visual y la auditiva. Virtus – Rev Cient Psicopedag. Conners Parent and Teacher Rating Scales. The results showed, for all the cases, an initial factorial solution represented by a single factor or significant component with a self-value greater than one.

Data collection through filling in the CTRS scale was carried out by a total of teachers. Los formularios pueden ser solicitados contactando a la autora responsable o la revista.

All the contents of this journal, escala conners where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


Retrospective studies on the epidemiology of the reproductive casualty: Internal Consistence for C. With all this, reliability and validity of the Conners’ Teacher Rating Scale are sufficiently assured to the Portuguese population. Censo Poblacional Nacional The diagnosis was determined with the clinical control, based on escalz criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition.


In conclusion, after noting that the Anglo-American normative data are inadequate to interpret the results obtained for the Portuguese sample, this work leads to the proposal of new normative data that may be applicable to this particular population. This work demonstrated that the transformation of scores into T scores 50,10 applying the normative criteria of Conners gives rise to average results, in general, much higher than expected, that is, normally, it would come up with transformation values with means and standard coners near 50 and 10 respectively, and it did not happen for most cases.

Junta de Andalucia; However, it has some limitations and differences that enhance the meaning of the contribution to be presented here. Abstract of the psychological and behavioral literature Exploratory factorial analysis was conducted separately for each main component of the items in each dimension.

In short, once highlighted the relatively similar functioning of the Portuguese adaptation of CTRS, these new normative data should be propose to be applied to the population of Portuguese children and adolescents.

Do you really want to escala conners this prezi? Hojjat A, Samanwoy GD. Copy code to clipboard.

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