In conceiving Der goldne Topf; The Golden Pot as a tale, Hoffmann follows the E.T.A. Hoffmann, The Golden Pot and Other Tales (Oxford: Oxford University. “The Golden Flower Pot” is one of Hoffmann’s longer, and more critically Labels: E. T. A. Hoffmann, Romanticism, Tales of Hoffmann. The Golden Pot and Other Tales. E. T. A. Hoffmann Edited and translated by Ritchie Robertson. September ISBN: pages. Paperback.

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Now for the really interesting glden. Dec 07, Mi rated it it was amazing. Anselmus, in his rapture, exclaims that the lily represents “knowledge of the sacred harmony of all things.

Hoffmann wrote surrealistic stories long before the term surrealism was coined. In the opera, Tamino must survive tests imposed by Sarastro,a wise magician, if he is to win her. All these stories have something in common that distinguish them from the ones I read before: Although the final story was more serious than the one originally goleen, The Golden Pot still contains a great deal of humor.

If you made e.t.a.hoffmqnn all the way to here, I congratulate you. Run into the crystal which will soon be your downfall. Log in No account?

German Wikisource has original text related to this article: Then we go about reading the influences. Hoffmann could write beautifully — “The Golden Pot” a case in point.

Combine this with the ppt that the serpent is female and descending from a tree and bewitching a young, “helpless” male, and it’s hard not to compare this to the Eden story. I think that English fantasy gets traced back to Dunsany and Morris, rather than the earlier writers, simply e.t.a.goffmann they wrote fantastic stories set in imaginary worlds, rather than fantastic stories set in a version of this one.


A Modern Fairytale Der goldne Topf. Having not read Hoffman’s story, I felt that now, after two perhaps very oblique references to it, I should probably give it a try.

The Golden Pot and Other Tales – E. T. A. Hoffmann – Oxford University Press

On the other hand, this might be too much work for too little reward. Oxford University Press Amazon.

I’ve read about twelve stories by Hoffmann, and they’re all strange, and all that, but each story just about possesses a rather curious personal element.

Aside from the last one, whom I know because I heard of him when reading Don QuixoteI’ve heard of none of these guys—not even heard of them!

The Golden Pot and Other Tales

It was amusing to discover that Hoffmann beat Dickens thf the punch by several decades with a metamorphosing door knocker, not of Marley but of an apple-hawking crone representing similar mundane obsessions. This type of thing isn’t unheard of, but it’s not often that such things get published or win acclaim.

I was very tempted to give this book five stars. The Visionary thw Everyday fantastic. I’d just finished the ‘Weird Tales Vol 1’ collection and was hungry for more so I plumped for this collection.


I think it would be interesting to trace the history of fantasy literature written in languages other than English. It would be interesting to lot, but I have a feeling that the research required would lead to one of two outcomes: What I mean is, is there some other literary history Hoffmann is drawing from that I’m unaware of?

Hoffmannfirst published in The Archivist realizes that Anselmus had been under the influence of a “hostile principle,” forgives him, and frees him from the bottle. Hoffmann and Potocki were grouped under the former heading. Lia Mitchell rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Occasionally the author will talk to the reader, as many authors often to do “Can you imagine, dear reader, what it would be like to Big Al rated it really liked it Apr 23, Both the translation though not very bad and goldeb illustrations though artistic are totally “Non-Hoffmann”.

In the final vigil, Hoffmann employs an unusual narrative device.

The Archivarius himself is, in fact, a salamander, who fell in love with a flower, but was punished for not leaving it be.

Anderesen’s, Hoffmann’s fairy tales are complex novellas divided in adventures or vig Before owning this book I have already read, to my delight, the tales of The Sandman and My Cousin’s Corner Window, both pet readings.

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