EcoRI restriction enzyme, 1. Restriction buffer, 1. Lambda DNA, uncut, 1. DNA size standard (HindIII lambda DNA digest), 1. Sample loading buffer, 5x, 1 ml, 1. Lambda DNA: Location of Sites. BglII. 0. . EcoRI. Nrul. o o. At ambient temperatures, in a solution containing purified Lambda-DNA these so- called ‘cos ends’ This is a BamHI-EcoRI restriction map of Lambda DNA.

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Phage Lambda DNA EcoRI/HindIII digest ready-to-use – GENEON

Features and Benefits Aligns with AP Lab 6 Teaches about using genetic engineering and restriction enzymes as microbiology tools With this kit, students are able to: Electrophoretic techniques that distinguish DNA fragments by size are essential in forensics and in the mapping of restriction sites within genes.

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λ DNA/EcoRI + HindIII Markers:

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Lambda DNA/EcoRI + HindIII Markers

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Fluorescent dye suitable for staining nucleic acids after electrophoresis or in cesium chloride gradients. There was an error processing your request. The enzymes are heat-inactivated, and the DNA fragments are either phenol-extracted, then ethanol-precipitated or just ethanol-precipitated.

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