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In particular, the company wanted to get over the message that PepsiCo has more to offer than a brown fizzy drink.

It said that output growth in Britain began recently to out- pace potential. Your direct line to the world. The A has brought Delhi closer to Washington D.

The Fund maintains that, in real terms, US short rates averaged 43 per cent and long rates 6 per cent inagainst 1. Man Greenspan, the Fed chairman, considerable leeway to raise interest rates if economic data before Its next meeting in November show the economy still growing foster than can be sustained without an upsurge in Inflation. Hr public litis ilmelopitl tiJtr. About SO sus- pected cases have been recorded in Delhi, more than 40 in the.

This unnecessary destruction can be prevented by combining modern techniques with traditional practices so that the snsic plot of land can be used to produce crops over and over again. Some of those waiting said they no longer trusted the government to protect the value of the rouble. Although Mr Mussa said a small further drop in German rates was possible if the recov- ery slackened or inflation fell, the bottom for this business cycle had nearly been reached. It expects world out- put to expand 3.

Where hunger or poverty is the underlying cause of deforestation, nc can provide ftuit trees. L250_um_122, Chaplin and Thierree have created a dream circus full of wondrous eccentricities. 311

As part of its effort to plug growing labour shortages in some plants, GM has also offered incentives to encourage workers to move to plants which are understaffed. Continued looting of human- itarian foodstores elsewhere in Port-au-Prince was a further cause of concern to US officials yesterday.


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Without them, it cannot rebuild Rwanda’s war-shat- tered economy or create stable politi- cal structures. Supporters of this view use two arguments.

Most Japanese companies are reducing capital investment. The Outlook points out that, in spite of recent increases, both short- and long-term US interest rates remain low com- pared with the s as a whole, and even with the mid- s.

The atm is to detect dealing rings of several individuals, or one individual with several accounts. The rise m cheap imports is depriving Japanese manufac- turers of 0. In a farther factor that may exacerbate Inequalities, the savings of the poor are apt to be taxed more than those of the rich, the research suggests.

He trained as a barrister before joining construction company Taylor Woodrow as a director at the age of The growing passenger and freight tonnage using the Estonia was in line with the fast-growing trade between Sweden and Estonia. Business sectors responded to the resolution of the court cases with varying degrees of anxiety. The sinking is expected to renew calls for improvements in ferry safety despite international efforts to raise standards. Professional Register – Lists accountants, banks, sol terrors, surveyors, esewe agents, etc.

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For now, Sony’s personal communicator offers only limited wireless communications via the SkyTel satellite paging network. One is that Nato should take seriously – as a basis for dis- cussion – Russian proposals for a grand partnership between a Russian-dominated Commonwealth of Independent States and Nato.

The six separate cases decided yesterday were brought by indi- viduals and pension fund trust- ees seeking clarification of the court’s key Barber v GRE ruling in May There was universal excitement among young people about the idea of being a star for a week in the company of celebrities.

Dutch food and beverages group BoIsWessanen is to take a stake of at least 33 per cent in Davide Campari- Milano, maker of Campari, one of the tew remain- ing independent international drinks brands. Germany Advertis- ing Ltd.

Canon Manuals

The legal change in pennons may l520_eum_122 be a French l250_euk_122, nor a German onei nor one for most continental Euro jean countries. There are senior US, Ger- man. His own book on post-unification Germany will be published next year T he Nobel Prize-win- ning American econo- mist, Paul Samuelson, once said the stock market was good at predicting economic downturns; so good that it had predicted five out of the last three recessions.


A senior western financial offi- cial in Moscow said: Watch Bubby eat one; watch actor Hope do it for real. Aids drug Retrovir, has had mixed fortunes in long-term clinical trials. His appointment ends a long search by Glaxo for a non-exec- utive chairman to work along- side deputy chairman and chief executive Sir Richard Sykes. It b not- permiseUe tor such e scheme to di s crimina te against ma rrie d men.

Marks and Spencer said the decisi o n would have no impact on its provision of pensions for part-timers. The IMF draws comfort from large margins of slack between actual and potential output in many countries. Transport and telecommunications prices, meanwhile, also fell 0 J.

But Thierree also has an extensive solo repertoire of sur- realist, chameleon characters, such as the Magritte-inspired zebra man and tapestry man.

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Pan] Lewis, 22 and British, played Rakhmaninov no. Eutelsat hopes to use new English language channels on its Hot Bird satellite, due to be launched at the end of November, to reach UK view- ers. The issue is made more sensitive by the fact that most of the largest Indonesian conglomerates are controlled by ethnic Chinese and there is growing resentment at their d ominant role In private business.

However, some dealers and bankers view It differently. A new, glass-fronted entrance on Crisp Road leads directly into a deep, brightly lit, grey and white foyer where a long counter houses both box office and reception. Saga, the travel group which sells holidays to pensioners, is breaking with a year tradi- tion and 4 the mini- mum age of its customers from 60 to The inquiry recommended a series of safety improvements. Now we arc pleased to announce a similar and similarly unique product that covers our major UK routes.

Mercer Riedmulder in Amsterdam, said about half of Dutch pension schemes did not require worker contributions and most of these schemes excluded part-timers. Some of the extra cash will go to the Theatre Investment Fund, which sup- ports plays put on by new producers.

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