Application use of the Z-wave device – Universal Binary Sensor Fibaro. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor FGBS The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module that makes it possible to improve the functionality of any sensor with a binary output by allowing it to.

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Connect only in accordance with sennsor of the diagrams The device is powered with secure voltage; nevertheless, the user should be extra careful or should commission the installation to a qualified person. Condition of outputs OUT1 and OUT2 is dependent only on the condition of corresponding inputs, irrespective of parameter settings or adding the device to the Z-wave network.

As a result, each device connected to the Sensor is represented by an independent icon in the system. On one hand, the binary inputs and outputs allow interlayer in a conventional alarm system, providing this functionality Z-Wave module is inserted between the sensors and the alarm unit, resulting clear to her. Universal Sensor The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module jniversal makes it possible to improve the functionality of any sensor with a binary output by allowing it to communicate with the wireless Z-Wave network and the FIBARO system.

Universal Binary Sensor FIBARO

You are commenting using your Facebook account. As shown in the diagram, we have two switches that allow us to act on IN1 and IN2. Resetting the device is not the recommended way of removing the device from the Z-Wave network. The father and the corresponding device to IN1 and IN2 are recorded as motion sensors. The device is designed to be installed in the housing of a sensor or another device, whenever wireless collection of data from the wired sensors is required.


We need to change sensor temperature. The device offers the possibility of sending commands compatible with Command Class Scene Activation. All with the aim of showing that home automation is no face, no longer a source of problems. In summary, with the universal sensor Fibaro we can connect any two binary sensors and temperature sensors DS18B20 4.

Additional delay after an alarm from input IN1 has ceased. Cable sensors Another and probably the main use of the universal sensor is the integration of the existing cable sensors, e.

FIBARO | Universal Binary Sensor – FIB_FGBS

The device can service up to two binary binaty and up to four DS18B20 temperature sensors. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This is the maximum acceptable difference between binarry last reported temperature and the current temperature taken from the sensor. Association ensures direct transfer of control commands between devices, is performed without participation of the main controller and requires associated device to be in the direct range.

Do not remove the protective layer surrounding the module.

Another and probably the main use of the universal sensor is the integration of the existing cable sensors, e. Subpage of this product is under construction.

The Sensor was designed for installation in the housing of a sensor or another device, the functionality of which we wish to improve. The user should correctly declare the type of alarm frame for each connected sensor inputs IN1 and IN2.

Short manual for firmware 1. Connecting the device in a manner inconsistent with manual may cause risk to health, life or material damage. The parameter allows you to specify additional time, after which the input no. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Parameter 11 is the interval between the sending of these temperature measurements into the Z-Wave controller.

After connecting into the Z-Wave network using a Z-Wave bijary this may look for example like this. Interval between successive readings of temperature from all sensors connected to the device. Price Match Log sensr in, mogelijk is dit product na inloggen al beter geprijsd. What we talk about. You need a power-supply to power it any voltage between 9V and 30V DC ; its power consumption is too high for a 9V battery to last even days we measured around mW 16V DC input with one DS18B20 temperature sensor connected and with very strong Z-wave controller signal strength.


To distinguish what each motion sensors can act on the inputs IN1 and IN2 and see which changes state.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Hinary your comment here Yes, Universal Binary Sensor has full repeating possibilities. Information is sent to the Z-Wave network controller. Manual We used it to automate this normal doorbell: You can reset the device by disconnecting it from the power supply, then reconnecting while pressing the button for at least 10 seconds.

Measuring temperature from remote with Fibaro universal binary-sensor – model: FGBS-321

It can be only GND signal. Full presentation will be available soon. Door-bell Of course, this universal sensor can be used to create a Z-Wave door-bell as showed below in the scheme.

It allows for disabling the deactivation function or the alarm cancellation function for devices associated with the appropriate input of the device.

Inputs IN1 and IN2 are used to control the condition of the device. The wiring is clearly shown in the instruction sheet, we just pay attention to the order of the wires and their color.

There are no products selected for comparison. Connection to a parametric alarm line.

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