Fitopatologia: G. N. Agrios: Books – By George N. Agrios – Plant Pathology, Fourth Edition (4th Edition) () [ Hardcover] Fitopatologia (Spanish Edition). Mar by G. N. Agrios. Fitopatologia (Spanish Edition) by G. N. Agrios () on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Epidemiology and Plant Disease Management. I read an old edition when I was in college and I now have a job where I need to revisit plant pathology. Enviado por Lucas flag Denunciar. During the course of reading, the reader will develop an acute awareness of the high degree of interplay between plants and their pathogens and how plants deal with pathogens.

The text is very generously illustrated and is incredibly information-dense: Also a short coming is the lack of an explanation of the colored mostly red and purple halos around leaf lesions. In another image in Fig. Spores are the reproductive or propagative bodies of fungi.

: G N Agrios: Books

This process allows the reader to learn. I clienti che hanno visto questo articolo hanno visto anche.

Conidia vary in shape, size, color, and number of cells. Other reviewers will find things not listed below. Mihail, University citopatologia Missouri Praise for the previous edition: Hai bisogno di aiuto?


In a remarkably brief overview with excellent life cycle diagrams and charts, mycology and the mycological diseases ritopatologia masterfully covered. All students should be familiar with this book and it should be a part of their educational experience. D as the bleeding canker.

I respect that Agrios is not afraid to say when information concerning plant pathology is not yet known. I did mention “ruse” because I do not know enough plant pathology to know if “ruse” is an actual plant disease or if “ruse” is just a misspelling. Both the writing style and the non technical English vocabulary are top notch.

A new feature of the book is shaded text boxes that contain brief articles of separate but related topics The captions has two Cs, but no D. This is usually how the more primitive fungi reproduce.

Did any other readers notice that Figures and are identical, though their captions are different? Plant Pathology da George N.

Spedizioni da e vendute da Amazon. The internet provides no “ruse” disease, so I am left to assume that “ruse” was supposed to have been RUST.

Segui l’autore

La difesa delle piante da frutto. The book’s past reputation as the plant pathology “bible” is definitely enhanced and the price remains reasonable Condividi i tuoi pensieri con altri clienti. Although the inter actions of the disease triangle fitlpatologia host, environment, and pathogen will continue to be reevaluated and redefined, plant pathologists still agree that without a conducive environment, a susceptible host, and a pathogen, no disease will take place.


In some fungi, gametes sex cells unite to produce a zygote Figure 3. Amazon Second Chance Regala, scambia, dai una seconda vita. Nonmotile sporangiospores are usually disseminated by air currents.

Dettagli prodotto Copertina rigida: Oxford University Press, New York, pp. Extension agents, professional garden centers and novice gardeners need to have this book on hand. Agrios chose to ignore C. Agrios divides complex topics into sections that are easily understood and each section builds upon the preceding sections. Great Plant Pathology book! Riley was the first state entomologist in the USA and the first federal entomologist. That search was unproductive time not spent reading and learning.

Conidia may be borne singularly or in clusters on branched or unbranched conidiophores.

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