Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sara Gruen is the author of the New York Times bestseller Water for Elephants and Riding Lessons. She lives with her. “Flying Changes reminds me how unpredictable life is Even if you are horseless (my deepest sympathies), you will love this novel” —RITA MAE BROWN. Buy a cheap copy of Flying Changes book by Sara Gruen. Anxiety rules Annemarie Zimmer’s days-the fear that her relationship with the man she loves is .

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But let’s talk about Gruwn Changes. Feb 21, Angelique Simonsen rated it did not like it. Grune 25, Mary Catherine rated it really liked it. This was a terrible, terrible book. While her “knight in shining armor,” Dan, is her strength right now, she often finds herself chanegs up one end of his vet practice while he travels around rescuing mistreated horses. It helps to love horses to enjoy this book and I do. She never learns or grows or changes–she’s just a whiny, self-involved guen.

Will they be successful in competition? That little bitch, every time her horse took a jump I prayed for her untimely death. A rebellious teenager, a difficult horse, the teenager’s mother scarred by her own riding traumas and failed relationships, the wiser than acknowledged mother’s mother, sprinkled with tradegies great and small are a delicious combination for an afternoon or evening of reading. It’s’ hard to top.

We moved quickly, but nothing ever felt rushed or glossed over. There is anger throughout the book and human errors.

If you never outgrew those goofy horse books aimed at ten-year-olds, you might enjoy this one. I picked up this book for 2 reasons She is therefore traumatized by the thought of her daughter jumping, which is, of course, her passion. Anyway, the book starts out with lots of horse stuff and I was a bit put off by it, but figured h A friend gave me a bunch of iPad books and this was among them; I don’t know how I didn’t realize that the author was the same as Water for Elephants, but when I finished and realized it, a lot made sense.


Gruen was the new hot thing after “Water For Elephants. Even though I’d never describe myself as a horse-lover always been more of an admirer, keeping my distanceI also really enjoyed Gruen’s commentary on the relationship between humans and animals that comes through in this story via AnneMarie’s love for Hurrah, and Eva’s love for Smokey Joe.

No wonder her daughter is a brat and such a bitch at The story moves along pretty well but as the wholly predictable plot rolled along, I started to feel like I was inside a Lifetime movie. I can’t believe this is the same author as Water for Elephants. Jan 16, Emily Wood rated it did not like it. Nov 22, Rene Glendening rated it liked it. Gruen gave such detail and heart into the backbone of this story that anyone reading will enjoy it.


Flying Changes

If anything was inaccurate, I had no idea, and she describes just enough on competitions and the care of horses that it felt like I was a new employee at the lfying learning the ins and outs of a new job.

Any self-respecting horse would trample them and be done. Jun 24, Nancy rated it it was ok. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And then the last third of the book takes a spectacular turn for the melodramatic with rain soaked eventing courses, car accidents and drama over gaining custody of a baby. Aug 27, Cheryl truen it really liked it.

Flying Changes (Annemarie Zimmer, book 2) by Sara Gruen

The way Sara Gruen explains some of the things flynig this book is so great! Oh the judge that assigns over custody of a baby within hours with no questions asked! It is SO off-putting, and anyone who knows anything about Dressage would laugh and roll their eyes. For five months, Annemarie has struggled to make peace with he There is a time to move on, a chanbes to let go. The characters seem one dimensional. In shock and filled with a sadness few can relate to, Annemarie gives up her riding and her dreams of having an Olympic medal placed around her neck.


To ask other readers questions about Flying Changesflyingg sign up. I loved water for elephants so thought I would love this but found it weak. Which is worse I read this because, as the friend who suggested it said, “it’s about horses and it’s easy to read”–and I’d read the first book.

May 01, Sandy rated it really liked it. The author has clearly lived with teenage females! The story flows and kept my attention from beginning to end. Sara lives with her grueen, three children, two dogs, four cats, two horses and a goat in North Carolina.

Then later makes like he had a ring baked into the souffle the whole time. I really thought that I was there with the characters through all the ups and downs and all of that, but what I loved most fyling this book was that I could relate to it, for instance when she talked about horses I could totally see myself in the character’s shoes.

I wonder if she’ll write another book any time soon Didn’t love it, but I liked it a lot. Liar liar pants on FIRE.

Return to Book Page. Feb 10, Su rated it it was ok. This book was like watching a bad soap opera and none of the people you wanted dead actually bit the dust.

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