Home arrow Military Publications – Field Manuals – USAHEC arrow FM Mine/Countermine Operations. Reference URL. Share. Save to. Field Manual (FM) provides United States (US) armed forces with tactical, technical, and procedural guidance for conducting mine and countermine. Field Manual FM Mine/Countermine Operations at the Company Level [ Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Mine/Countermine Operations FM C2

For ground vehicles, the mines are dispensed 25 to 60 meters from the vehicle at ground speeds of 8 to 90 kph. M15 mine in the hole An AHD usually consists of an explosive charge that is connected to, placed next to, or manufactured in the mine.

M16A1 mine and M25 wrench Arrangement of clusters in a mine strip gure Sympathetic detonation chart Table For this reason, units operating in the vicinity of these minefields must know calculated safety zones and use extreme caution. The emplacing engineer should also know the location and the type of priority targets or FPF allocated to the maneuver company he is supporting.

The detector is hand-held and identifies suspected mines by an audio signal in the headphones. The mines are transported to a mine dump using a combination of engineer and TF haul assets that are normally under the control of the emplacing engineer.

FM 20-32 Mine/Countermine Operations

It is where theTF receives and transfers control of obstacle material pushed forward by higher levels. SLAM in bottom-attack mode Do not attempt to remove or disarm the mine. Buried mine with a trip wire Volcano minefields are ideal for providing flank protection of advancing forces and for operating in concert with air and ground cavalry units on flank guard or screen missions.


They should not be planned in areas of enemy observation and fire because the helicopter is extremely vulnerable while flying at the steady altitude, the speed, and the path required to emplace the minefield. Preliminary hazard-analysis work sheet arming M19 E Figure E-ll. Obstacle groups gure The unit commander understands all the information related to the obstacle, the obstacle intent, and his responsibility to transfer or recover the obstacle upon his departure.

Mine components Components and Initiating Actions A firing mechanism prevents the mine from exploding until it makes contact with, or is influenced by, its target.

With this information and a thorough understanding of the available systems, he can then recommend the type of minefield conventional or scatterable to be emplaced. Fn mines tally sheet Mine detection is used in conjunction with intelligence-gathering operations, minefield bypass reconnaissance, and breaching and clearing operations.

Plot the perimeter location on opeations large-scale map and refer to recognizable landmarks. Arming the M 15 A gureA Two-way traffic becomes a priority for the simultaneous forward passage of combat units as well as the return traffic such as ambulances and empty supply vehicles that is necessary to sustain the force.

In this example, the following guidance is given to the emplacing unit: Other MOPMS containers are offset from the baseline by 35 meters to give the minefield a depth of 70 meters. Cripples the foot or leg of a soldier who steps on it; can also burst the tires of a wheeled vehicle that passes over it.

In broken terrain, opertions, it may be easier to site individual obstacles.

He also uses the safety zone to identify requirements for minefield marking if the unit leaves or turns over the area before the SD time. The M16 AP mine is likely to be seen in a modified form. The effects of artillery and obstacles must be synchronized to gain the desired effect on the enemy’s maneuver.


Enter the types of mines and the number of each type of mine. Therefore, Mine-Warfare Principles C2, FM minefields are employed differently, and they target the enemy in unique ways that support countermihe overall concept of the operation.

The engineer staff officer should consider thefollowing: C xiv C2 Page Figure D I n Figurethe minefield contains mines within a 20,square-meter area. They attack the enemy’s maneuver by disrupting its combat Mine-Warfare Principles C2, FM formations, interfering with its C 2reducing its ability to mass fires, causing him to prematurely commit limited breaching resources, and reducing his ability to reinforce.

Threat-style rapidly emplaced minefield C-3 gure C Upon detonation, the cone collapses and forms a dountermine slug operatoins a gaseous metal jet that penetrate the target. The supply point is established countermmine operated by theTF and is centrally located to support all planned obstacles within theTF sector. Identified limits are marked with an expedient system of single-strand barbwire or concertina.

He paces off the distance and records it in meters. The fuse is actuated by an initiating action.

Current US policy limits the use of non-selfdestructing APLs to 1 defending the US and its allies from armed aggression across the Korean demilitarized zone and 2 training personnel engaged in demining and countermine operations. It is normally employed by combat engineer units. This is accomplished by multiplying the total number of mines Step 4 by 1.

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