This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Physical Fitness Training . Injuries, Chapter Army Physical Fitness Test. Appendix. Appendix A. An APFT with alternate test events is given to soldiers with permanent profiles and The OIC or NCOIC at the test site must have a copy of FM on hand. FM PHYSICAL FITNESS TRAINING CHAPTER 14 – ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST *This publication supersedes FM , 28 August

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The course should be completely free of runners and walkers.

When applied to a command, APFT results show a unit’s overall level of physical fitness. Reservists not on active duty must take a “record” test once per calendar year. See Appendix D aft guidance on using various types of stationary bikes. In all cases when a point value falls between two point values, the lower point value is used and recorded. On the command ‘get set,’ assume the starting position by lying on your back with your knees bent at a degree angle.

A detailed 21-200 of the results on each event is more important. The heel is the only part of your foot that must stay in contact with the ground.

Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) FM / TC Training Info

Reports the results after the test. Duties of Test Personnel Testers must be totally familiar 2120 the instructions for each event and trained to administer the tests. Provides guidelines for safe, regular CR exercise. This can usually be done by taping the gear shifters at the setting preferred by the testee.

United States Army Physical Fitness Test

Soldiers are not tested when fatigued or ill. Using this method ensures that each soldier has an equal chance to be recognized for any of the tested fitness components. A minimum of 8 months will separate record tests with no more than 14 months between record tests.


The number on your chest is for identification. Scorers’ Duties Scorers must ensure that the bicycle ergometer is functioning properly. Shopping Cart You have 0 items in your shopping cart.

When necessary or expedient, a quarter-mile running track can “be used. In all cases, when a time falls between two point values, the lower point value is used and recorded. Trains the event supervisors, scorers, and demonstrators. If you fail to keep your body generally straight, to lower your whole body until your upper arms are at least parallel to the ground, or to extend your arms completely, that repetition will not count, and the scorer will repeat the number of the last correctly performed repetition.

They are then sent to the end of the line to await their turn to retake the event. Use mdy dates from November At the same time, the scorer collects the scorecards and records each soldier’s number.

Each push-up and sit-up beyond the maximum is worth one point as is every six-second decrease in the run time. Chapter 6 Nutrition and Fitness. For soldiers who reached age 40 on or after 1 Januarythere is no requirement for clearance in the cardiovascular screening program before taking a record APFT. Equipment One 12-20 is needed along with one clipboard apfh pen for each scorer. They should always strive to improve themselves physically and never be content with meeting minimum standards.

FM – Physical Fitness Training –

Vm are no exceptions to this sequence. This recommendation, made after consultation with the profiled soldier, should address the soldier’s abilities and preference and the equipment available. Mail will not be published required. Training video tape No. The event supervisor cannot be a scorer. Drop a comment on a post or contact us so we can take care of it!

A spft soldier performs above the maximum in the age group by doing 87 push-ups and 98 sit-ups and by running the two miles in 11 minutes and 12 seconds.


Procures all necessary equipment and supplies. Such information will be recorded in their official military record. The angle to be measured is not the one formed by the lower leg and the ground. Identifies soldiers with a risk of coronary heart disease. Mission requirements often prevent the even spacing of record tests. Soldiers must do all three events in the same test period. All soldiers must undergo periodic physical examinations in accordance with AR and NGR However, a soldier cannot be denied an award or decoration due to an APFT failure.

Scorers’ Duties Scorers must observe the swimmers assigned to them. A critique of his performance is given to each soldier after the event. Each soldier must earn at least 60 points on the regular events to receive a “go. After all runners have completed the run, the scorers determine the point value for each soldier’s run time, record the point values on the scorecards, and enter their initials in the scorers’ blocks.

Scorers assign numbers to the soldiers in their groups and record each soldier’s number on the appropriate scorecard. They may be worn in cold weather when approved by the local commander.

These include screening for cardiovascular risk factors. Soldiers do not have tiring duties just before taking the APFT. According to a US Army abstract, the calisthenics and events of “push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2-mile run was introduced in A critique of the dm is done following the test.

If the pool length is measured in meters, the scorers convert the exact distance to yards.

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