Francisco Colasanto is the author of Max/Msp ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews , published ). Francisco Colasanto is writing the second volume of his book. ISBN: pending. All rights reserved. Made in México. Translation: Roberto Becerra . Translation review: Tim Poulin. Cover design: Francisco Colasanto.

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Muchas gracias un saludo. In my opinion, there’s a strong demand in Latin America. This text is then the result of a personal and professional long time and tremendous effort that went from being single to being a team project.

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The author invites us to share approaches to solving problems on how to work the sound, but with msx clear perspective of educational and technical experience gives this text authority sure will be demonstrated over time. An Interview with Francisco Colasanto — Cycling francissco You can learn how to write in Max as you learn to speak another language. After following all the projects proposed and when you finish the book, you should be ready to create complex and useful patches for the development of an interactive project.

I’ve also read Todd Winkler’s book, but that was all.

Artists working with Max are able to present their job there as well as at “Visiones sonoras”, our international music and new technologies festival that takes place every year in November. Do you see a lot of Max usage in Spanish-speaking countries? Nov 27 4: How would you describe the teaching methodology used here? As far as I know, there is no any other version in Spanish.


Francisco Colasanto (Author of Max/Msp)

If this book were the start of a series, how would you follow it up? I started working with Max in There are also many people doing things in Spain, of course. I’ve dictated several Max courses in Argentina, and all of them were always very fancisco. Did you learn from the English tutorials that ship with Max or was there something in Spanish that you were able to access? Sep 27 8: We can also include Brazil, as Brazilian Portuguese is close to Spanish, francieco many people will be able to read the book there.

Although my book about Max took almost 3 years of my life, I’m composing music for mixed media when I’m not writing.

The second will be entirely related to signal processes, i. Today, in a world of technology that becomes obsolete at birth, we wonder what the meaning of a text about a specific tool. I realized that I could create visual program routines using interconnected boxes. There are many artists currently working with interactive techniques and many others interested in getting started.

I think this has been clearly identified by the author from the beginning, and the result is a compendium of strategies and examples updated on thought structures implemented so that changes and improvements in equipment and software versions do not affect significantly.


Max 6: Interface by Francisco Colasanto on Apple Books

What can someone expect to learn from reading this book? Areas of activity Achievements Agreements Academic advisors Staff. Where are you from? You usually don’t learn German by reading Goethe or Italian reading Dante; instead, you start with simple phrases, sometimes a bit dumb, and usually without a specific daily use.

I’ve already begun to write it. Is there anyone using Max in really wonderful ways or people who deserve more attention? Buy Max 8 Now.

An Interview with Francisco Colasanto

I studied Csound a lot, and when I found Max it was like a revelation. Those of us around him have seen the growth of the project had been planned even before the birth of CMMAS and have seen the tenacity and conviction with which he has colaswnto on this new step in extending the scope of such a significant project. Thus, it supports a form of learning that transcends specific versions and models.

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