11 ago. tratamento da fratura de Barton Volar e Dorsal. São fraturas intra articulares no terço distal do rádio que podem ser dorsal ou volar. Barton fractures are fractures of the distal radius. It is also sometimes termed the dorsal type Barton fracture to distinguish it from the volar type or reverse Barton. Fraturas do rádio distal (Fratura de Colles) . patients over 40 years old, except for cases of fractures caused by avulsion and Barton’s fracture.

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This positioning will make the lateral view exactly perpendicular to the PA view. Bartno addition to the dorsal angulation seen on the lateral view, notice the following:. HPI – A year-old female presents with pain and swelling in the wrist and forearm after a ground-level fall 2 days ago.

Complications associated with plating include tendon irritation or rupture and the need for plate removal. Other complaints include intense pain experienced upon catching the thumb on an object, such as when reaching into a pants pocket.

The radiographic findings can be very subtle. Displaced intra-articular fractures of distal radius: A Colles’ fracture is a fracture of the distal metaphysis of the radius with dorsal angulation and displacement leading to a ‘silver fork deformity’. Closed reduction of colles fractures: Measurements Radial length or height Radial length is measured on the PA radiograph as the distance between one line perpendicular to the long axis of the radius passing through the distal tip of the radial styloid.


More than 2 mm incongruity of articular garton is the most important factor in the development of posttraumatic osteoarthritis of the wrist. After closed reduction the position of the dorsal rim is better, but this still is an unstable situation.

After closed reduction and at follow up after one week, there is an acceptable tilt. Notice the loss of radiocarpal joint space indicating osteoarthritis. There is no evidence favoring one method for closed reduction over another.

Some authors have recently made an assertion against popular belief that the APL tendon is not a deforming force on the Bennett fracture. Radial tilt Radial tilt is measured on a lateral fratuura.

Distal Radius Fractures – Trauma – Orthobullets

Because children have softer bones, one side of the bone may buckle. D was no conclusive evidence on the best anesthesia method in relation to effectiveness, safety and influence on fracture reduction. How would you manage this patient at this time?

When these epomyms are used, an accurate description of the fracture characteristics should always be included in the report 5. Indications for Reduction in Distal Radius Fractures Many authors suggest that distal radial fractures be reduced anatomically, but the real question is ‘what is acceptable and what is not?

The fracture was an open fracture type 1 with a small wound on the baron aspect of the distal ulna. How important is this topic for clinical practice?

The patient undergoes open reduction and internal fixation of the fracture. This results in malfunction and early osteoarthritis. The initial treatment for most radius fractures is closed reduction and plaster immobilization.

The Radiology Assistant : Wrist – Fractures

The closed reduction method most used was manual reduction. Not declared Date of first submission: Thank you for rating! In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


Colles fractures are seen more frequently with advancing age and in women with osteoporosis. PA view should be taken with the wrist and elbow at shoulder height. Closed Reduction The initial treatment for most radius fractures is closed reduction and plaster immobilization. A die-punch fracture is a depression fracture of the lunate fossa of the distal radius. Frautra means that the wrist, elbow and shoulder are all in the transverse plane, perpendicular to the x-ray beam.

CT should be performed if conventional radiographs provide insufficient detail about radiocarpal articular step-off and gap displacement. With this in mind, failure to fraatura recognize and treat the Bennett fracture will not only result in an unstable, painful, arthritic CMC joint with diminished range of motion: Ulna and Distal radioulnar joint DRUJ Assessment of a wrist fracture must also include a description of the distal ulna and distal radioulnar joint 9.

The patient will often manifest a weakened ability to grasp objects or perform such tasks as tying shoes and tearing a piece of paper.

Fratura de úmero

The ulna abutts the lunate. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. On the left a patient with an intraarticular fracture fratuga dorsal tilt i. In many cases there is also a subtle proximal displacement of lunate, seen as a break in carpal arc I.

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