Gersony also identified RPF leaders responsible for the killings. The classified U.N. “Gersony Report” has never been released. Sections of the ‘Gersony Report’ . In , as the UNHCR and the U.S. Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to come back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale. Gersony Report” is the name given to the unpublished findings made by a team under American Robert Gersony under contract to the.

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Inkotanyi are Rwandans who aim to lead Rwanda to development after too many years of poverty and darkness. In the second kind of killing, men were sometimes separated from women, and victims were often tied before being killed and were slain by blows of a heavy instrument or a machete.

A number of them protested to Kagame and other RPF authorities, both orally and through written notes. There they were searched and interrogated. The first day, I was imprisoned with fourteen people.

In the first kind of killing, massacres sometimes took place after people had been called to a meeting and after they had been reassured about the peaceable intentions of the RPF. They stated that their main —.

Of these, the refugees currently remaining in neighboring countries are in the main Hutu people. Given the current state of our information, it is impossible to say how many of those were active participants in the genocide or were engaged in any military action against the RPF when they were killed.

On June 20 and 23 and again on July 10, RPF soldiers reportedly attacked and each time reeport some twenty people in Mugina sector of Mugina commune in Gitarama prefecture. Witnesses declared that on June 5 in the Nteko sector, Mugina commune, Gitarama prefecture, RPF soldiers killed six men with old hoes and left their bodies in the woods at Cyumura. Twenty-two persons were reported gersoby near Rwamagana with others slain at Kayonza and Gahini. Re;ort RPF counted on the government being determined to defend the northwestern quadrant, the home region of Habyarimana and many of the military officers.


According to witnesses not connected with the ICRC, the delegate was threatened several times by RPF soldiers, the last time by a Commander Bosco, accompanied by twelve heavily armed soldiers, one of whom pointed a rocket-propelled grenade launcher at his head. We were a fine tree, its parts all in accord, children of Rwanda. Commission for Human Rights established a field operation in Rwanda in June.

Given the disciplined nature of the RPF forces and the extent of communication up and down the hierarchy, commanders of this army must have known of and at least tolerated these practices. The reported violence includes:. Some prepared to be political organizers, others to be soldiers. He, too, supposedly acted out a desire for revenge.

Unearthed: “Gersony Report” the U.N. said it never existed. – The Proxy Lake

Boutros-Ghali and some of his subordinates were concerned not just about the extent of the abuses alleged and the eventual impact of the information on the still fragile Rwandan government, but also about the negative publicity for UNAMIR and other U.

We have taken vengeance for you in Bugesera They also reported ambushes and massacres of persons trying to flee across the border to Burundi.

Although few in number and pressed for time, the team covered gsrsony of RPF territory and spoke to a wider number and variety of witnesses than gerskny other foreigners working in Rwanda during this period. Hundreds of others have since been arrested, but it is not known how many gwrsony this group are charged with serious human rights violations. Of the twenty-one arrested insix were tried by June and all found guilty.


Such limitations fed the speculation about RPF abuses but, at the same time, made it extremely difficult to prove wrongdoing. If they were in good physical condition, most could probably return home by foot in a journey of a day or so.

The same thing happened the next day and the day after.

Robert Gersony – Wikipedia

Kubwimana then fled to Burundi. Its troops encountered little opposition, except around Kigali, and they routed government forces in operations that began in early April and ended in July. The soldiers reportedly killed rreport men on the way and threw their bodies in latrines or in a compost heap at a reservoir. The first reports of misconduct by the RPF were vague and clouded by the blatantly exaggerated propaganda put out by the interim government. Reporh witness, described as credible by a former high-ranking RPF official, gave testimony that was convincing in its spontaneity and detail.

Gersony Report

The soldiers gersonh without regard to age, sex, or ethnic group. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Himself a medical assistant, he said he was never assigned to do this work, but he did give medical excuses to about ten recruits who were disgusted by the duty and wanted egrsony way to avoid it.

In training sessions during and earlyinstructors presented extensive lessons on Rwandan history which stressed the destructive impact of colonialism on relations among Rwandans.

It has not insisted on effective prosecutions of the most repory officers, either within the Rwandan military system or from the international tribunal which is mandated to try crimes against humanity as well as genocide committed in Rwanda in

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