Program Manual PABX LG GHX 1. TRUNK GROUP / PEMBAGIAN GROUP * FLASH30 CO LINE yang kita jadikan satu Group. 1 ○ GHX KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM / SLT User Guide GHXA//36/46 SLT User Guide for GHX System Call Forward ○ Lift handset. ○ Dial 7 5 4. GHXA/ HYBRID KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM SECTION 6. FEATURE DESCRIPTION NUMBERING PLAN Numbering Plan for.

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Welcome to this helper. Button 4 GHX 3. Preset Call Forward The system may be programmed so that incoming CO lines, which are programmed to ring a particular station, can be forwarded to another station predetermined in programming if the original ghd does not answer.

Cisco IP Phone, Series Full-feature telephone that provides voice communication over the same data network that your computer uses, allowing. Upon entering a digit, system will present selected ringing to the user and data is automatically saved in battery-backed up memory. In case of 2 fractional parts: Save Number Memo Redial 5. Upon entering the program mode, the key telephone at station no longer operates as a telephone but as a programming instrument with all of the buttons redefined.


Hi, i need a user manual for lg ghx-616 hybrid pabx system and lg gk24 keyphone user manual

This display will indicate what features are being programmed and the current programming of these features. To erase password Attendant ; 1. Allowed only if you are the initiator of the 66. If not answered, then the recall will ring station A, B and the attendant. FAX tone detect timer assignment 3.

This will bring up additional station features to be programmed. To delete an entry, enter pound signs twice. A station user can also program one of the flexible buttons as CO Group Access Code and then can access that CO line by simply pressing the button.

Page Zones Call all zones: Any unauthorized reproductions, use or disclosure of this material, or More information. Incoming calls are not affected. It gh your primary link to your business.

Index of /FOTO/GHX

Perform Hook Flash to complete. Operation After hearing an unattended ringing incoming, transferred, intercom, recall rings at a particular station, dial Pickup code, then you will be connected to the calling party. This station will receive recalls and can place the system in Night Service and has access to various features. An entry of 4 8 in GHX will make the station to be able to access all CO line groups and an entry of program button 5 9 in GHX will make the station not to be allowed to access any CO line groups in the system.


Disables monitor mode LED on: To use external music source, the MFU should be installed and program is required. Operation To activate the DND; 1.

Attendant Station Assignment Conditions 1. Screw the two screwshalf length. Advanced H y b r i d S y s t e m KXTEB The telephone is your main source of communication your link to business partners, customers, friends, and even your family members gh inside and outside the. To erase password Attendant ; 1.

On a LCD you will see this display: Contact your More information. Attendant Erase Authorization Code: The hunt group uses a pilot hunting technique. Unpack the KSUs assure there is no shipping damage.

Program Manual PABX LG GHX

Plug the telephone handset cord into the headset adapter box where indicated by the headset manu-facturer s instructions. This applies to all stations that have access to the lines. Flash to CO Line On the LCD, you will see this display:

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