GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source image editing program, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. It can be used for editing. Add {{User gimp}} to your user page to add the above userbox and place yourself in this category. Pages in category “GIMP users”. More recent additions, More. To assemble two (or more) images, simply create a new, transparent image of the required size, then open the images you want to add as layers and arrange.

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This is best when there is only one thing in the foreground which you want to keep. Retrieved from ” https: Dark text on a light background gi,p easiest to read. Use anti-alias should be ticked.

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Here’s short and then long description about everything there:. The amount of sharpening to apply to the image.

The filter supports two methods of Gaussian Blur: This should be centred, and take up no more than about one-third of the space in each dimension. Remember that tools go from the up-left corner, rightwise then down. Note that with higher selection also bigger gaps are possible to be between the selections. You’ll see the image turn milky, because you’re now viewing the background image through a semi-transparent white layer. Free selection tool also called ‘Lasso’ let’s you create a selection by drawing it free-hand with the pointer and holding down the left mouse button, of course.


All tools can also be accessed by opening the “Tools” menu. Note that path tool has its own tool for moving. Dikibook on either will bring the colour editor dialogue.

wlkibook It is important in the next section. J oint P hotographic E xperts G roup is typically used for photographs. The text tool is used for creating and editing text layers. You might have to experiment a bit to get a good result.

The crop box can be resized by dragging at the edges and corners. The Wokibook Explorer window allow you to render a fractal from a list.


To set the size of the font just enter a value in the box, or use the arrows. This slider lets you to remove holes in the selection. The red layer was chosen just because the spots were more evident that also means that most of the noise was contained in the red layer. You can change the perspective, zoom, colors, and color depth to customize your fractal from the original defaults.

The only difference is the fact that it has one option less – rounded corners, as it is elliptical selection so for what. Gradient offset ranges from a default of 0, up to percent.

Ctrl The Ctrl key is used to select the source, if you are cloning from an image: If you clone from a pattern, the pattern is tiled ; that is, when the point you are copying from moves past one of the edges, it jumps to the opposite edge and continues, as though the pattern were repeated side-by-side, indefinitely.

The first picture will be a normal exposure, the second one will be an underexposure containing the highlights, and the third one will be wiiibook overexposed picture containing the shadows.


Wikiboo, are also some other tools, hidden by default.

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The Clone tool uses the current brush to copy from an image or pattern. Auto-hinter, tries to automatically compute information to make a better representation of the character font. In the tool options there is a check-box Use info windowif checked a window will show itself when you begin measuring providing you with the same details as before.

Until you have set the source in this way, you will not be able to paint with the Clone tool: On Windows, the free 7-Zip can be used.

Using transparency enabled by alpha channel, you can create a picture by stacking several layers on top of each other, save images for the web, or create images for 3D graphics that have holes or semi-opaque areas. One might get a picture like this using a scanner. This option only affects few of selection tools. The tool creates a curve through these nodes, following any high-contrast it can find. By itself, it can be used to create some very impressive designs, but combined with other fimp and filters, very complex patterns can be made.

This option is only relevant if you are cloning from a Pattern source.

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