Manfred B. Steger is Associate Professor Politics and Government at Illinois State University and Affiliate Faculty Member at the Globalization Research Center. Globalization: A Very Short Introduction has been fully updated for a third edition, Manfred Steger, author Professor of Political Science at the University of. Globalization: A Very Short Introduction has been updated with developments Manfred B. Steger, author Professor of Sociology, University of Hawai’i-Manoa.

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The economic dimension of globalization 4.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. These are the chapters that argue for the reason this subject is so very important. The fact that he includes one of his own books in the reference section really rubs me the wrong way. Earth Sciences and Geography. Oxford University Press Amazon. Steger does differentiate between Globalization a set of social proccesses of intensifying of global interdependence and Globalisms Ideologies that endow the concept of globalization with particular values and meanings.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

Tables containing various statistics are dotted throughout the book, but their relevance is often tenuous and their compilation seems quite arbitrary. Other editions – View all Globalization: Presenting globalization in accessible language as a multifaceted process encompassing global, regional, and local aspects of social life, this VSI looks at its causes and effects, examines whether it is a new phenomenon, and explores the question of whether, ultimately, globalization is a good or a bad thing.

Presenting globalization as a multifaceted globaliization encompassing global, regional, and local aspects of social life, Manfred B.

Introduciton and Criminal Justice. Steget section on “justice globalism”, on the other hand, is totally uncritical. He is the author or editor of twenty-five books on globalization and the history of political ideas, including The Rise of the Global Imaginary: Considers a lot of the main concepts involved in this process.

Mar 14, Jamie rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 30, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: The name of Portugal is mencioned one time and after spain associated with other european countries.


Globalization: A Very Short Introduction – Very Short Introductions

The future of globalization References Further Reading Index. The cultural dimension of globalization 6: The Great Ideological Struggle of the 21st Century, 3rd ed.

When I pick up a book meant for a short introduction – I assume it to be loaded with facts from history, steged and maybe some expected trends. Higher Education Skip to main content. The manfreed dimension of globalization 5: Overall I learned a lot from the book, and was kind of surprised by how much I di So there were a lot of reviews that said that the book was heavily biased, but as someone who normally doesn’t read about economics I actually found it pretty unbiased.

It is a highly readable book that contributes to a better understanding of the crucial aspects and dimensions of the developments and transformations that go by the name of globalization Bad trade policy is the single biggest problem that’s destroyed the USA to date.

This review is of the third edition. Please subscribe globalizwtion login to access full text content. Medical and Healthcare Law. stfger

These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism ” is by far the best description of how national economies actually interact in the real world as opposed to economics in idealized computer models, the kind that helped facilitate the subprime crisis.

Globalization a contested concept. The Globalization of World Politics: Preview — Globalization by Manfred B. Reviews “eminently readable and dazzlingly erudite It stresses that there is no single definition of globalisation, and that the topic is multifaceted, shotr of an gloobalization, political, cultural, and ideological dimension, each of which the author discusses in turn. Callaway Request an Inspection Copy. Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law. Steger looks at goobalization issue from an unbiased perspective, looking at how this can help us grow and expand, and also how we can destroy mother Earth with our increasingly poor efforts to preserve her health.

We have now seen the clear rise of a new political force on the right, not religiously motivated, that is against aspects of market globalism, as defined in this book, and against aspects of justice globalism.


The elections of last year were a rude awakening for these people who had come to just assume they were the majority and they were correct, as they surrounded themselves with people who echoed their views. True anti-globalization movements are nationalistic movements. Unsurprisingly this situation has created a reaction, and this reaction see’s that justice globalism is primarily motivated by attacking western culture where ever it sees it, in favour of a identity-less blob of people all welfare state dependent making their appeal to welfare state funding.

I found the language very accessible, and the books organization very well-laid out. I liked this book because in pages I was able to clearly understand more about globalization and the forces that propel or thwart globalization. The economic dimension of globalization 4. Started this book with the slightest of notions of what globalization is.

Steger looks at its causes and effects, examines whether it is a new phenomenon, and explores the question of whether, ultimately, globalization is a good or a bad thing. But other than that it was great!

A Century of War: I enjoyed the story of the elephant and the blind scholars. Broad in scope, concise in examples, eye-opening in context and very instructive in content. America’s Fate in the Coming Era of Chinese Hegemony concerning the long term impact of American “one directional free trade” with East Asia, a battle that the west has been loosing for decades, but with the scale of China’s massive population, the west will not be able to absorb the losses the way we have previously.

Earth Sciences and Geography.

What we have now is a reaction to this globalism in the west, though it is not primarily religiously motivated.

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