Godfrey Higgins was an English magistrate and landowner, a prominent advocate for social . The Celtic Druids, published in and as three parts, was intended as a precursor to Anacalypsis. The Celtic Druids was “an attempt to. The Celtic Druids has 5 ratings and 2 reviews. An Attempt to show, that The Druids were the Priests of Oriental Colonies Who Emigrated from India; and we. The Celtic druids: or, an attempt to shew, that the druids were the priests of oriental By Godfrey Higgins,. The Celtic the First Swarm from the Parent Hive.

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Selected pages Page xiv. Kistvaen in Clatford Bottom near Rowldrich id. Abaris probably a Native of Ireland. The Cross common druidz Greeks Egyptians and Indians. The Druids adored the Cross. The Old not more than the New Testament miraculously protected from Error. Fire Tower at Brechin Scotland. Fire Tower at Donoughmore. Hurlers in Cornwall and Classerniss in Scotland.

Logan Stones Lands End in Cornwall. British Coins ib 34 Iodhan Moran found in Ireland. Rudstone East Ceotic of Yorkshire lxxiv. Division of the Year and Circle. Druids acquainted with Letters. Objection to the Passage of Cesars. Ingenuity of Mr Ledwich. Irish Greek and Hebrew Letters the same. Slight Difference in the Alphabets. English and Arabic Alphabets the same as the others. Ogam Writings yet exist.


Affinity between the Languages. Peculiarity of the Irish Alphabet. Irish Letters compared with Hebrew. Possible Use of the above System.

Ciphering invented before Letters. Runes of the North. When the Ogham Writing was invented. The Eleventh Chapter of Genesis misplaced. The Authors Hypothesis supported by Mr Bryant. Transposition of Part of the Eleventh Chapter of Genesis. Great Knowledge displayed in the Tenth Chapter of Genesis. St Jerom respecting Babylon and Shinar. Baillies Hypothesis on a Primeval Nation.

Baillies Reasons for his Hypothesis. Baillie on the Sevenday Cycle. Sir W Drummond supports Baillie. Mr Ledwich also supports Baillie. Who the Celt were ib 20 The Celtse were Gomerians. Pezrons Summary of the different Opinions. Observation respecting the Opposition of Priests. The Umbri and Etruscans. Affinity between the Latin Sanscrit and Celtic.

Affinity between higgis Hebrew and the Celtic.

Godfrey Higgins – Wikipedia

Affinity between the Greek Sanscrit and Celtic. Nothing to impede the Advance of the Tribes. Example of the Cimbri. Reflections on the Example of the Cimbri.

Reasons against the Existence of an Ancient Nation not valid. Origin of the Irish Fables. Mr OConnors Doctrines not approved by the Author. Digression respecting the Hero Gods. Derivation of godfreh word Britain continued. Whitakers Derivation of the word Britain. Derivation of Bretagne in Gaul. Derivation of the word Albion. Derivation of the words Vates and Bards m.

Britain how peopled m. Mr Daviess Opinion of celtuc First Settlers. A Passage from a Poem of Taliessins. Population of Britain at the Roman Invasion. Britain known to Aristotle.


Britain first discovered by Pytheas of Marseilles. The Old Greeks knew more of Britain than their Successors. Geographical Ignorance of Strabo and the Greeks of his Time. Road to Britain lost like that to America and Australia. Telescopes known to the Druids. Observations on the iast Section.

The Druids admitted the Creation of Matter. Cuvier on the Structure of the Earth. Observations on the last Section. Meaning of the First Verse of Genesis.

The Celtic druids

SI Further Observations respecting Genesis. Mr OConnors Doctrines further considered. Difference of Opinion respecting Chronology. Sir Win Drummond respecting Chronology.

Festivals removed by the Precession of the Equinoxes. The Naurutz in India and Persia. The Cushites of Mr Maurice. The Druid Festival of Christmas. Origin of the higgin Lord. Gods of the British Islands. System of M Pictet of Geneva. Aesar Intellectual Fire or Logh. The Mother of the Gods.

The Celtic Druids

Cearas and Ceara or Ceres. The first Cabiri Three in Number. Meaning of the word Cabiri. The Cabiri of the Phoenicians 23 Baal. Chaldees of the Jews. Chaldean Priests the same as the Magi. Bryants and Aikins Account of the Chaldees.

The Culdees succeeded by Hereditary Descent. Derivation of the word Culdee. Human Sacrifices by St Patrick. Coarbs in Wales and Ireland.

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