The Truvativ HammerSchmidt All Mountain Crankset could revolutionize bicycle drivetrains from this point forward by eliminating that last bastion of low-tech: the . Truvativ HammerSchmidt AM Chainset – Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from The World’s largest online bike store – Chain Reaction Cycles. Finally after months of teasing, Truvativ releases the true identity of HammerSchmidt. We can put an end to all the rumors and speculations that.

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Weight is not that much of an issue when its directly under the main mass of your truvariv. Turn the pedal once and the chainring goes around about hammersvhmidt. However, it does bring solutions to a lot of the issues that technical and downhill riders run into while on the trail.

The installation is simple and anyone should be able to take it apart and clean the gears should curiosity get the best of truvatlv. HammerSchmidt All-Mountain version is very compact. These chairings looks pretty small, i use to ride with 44t front. Its real innovative, but id rather spend that money on booze or stippers. Right now the mounting design is really limiting the market and aftermarket upgrades.

Thought the ring looks small, like a granny, the transmission system makes it act as a ring 1.

I think the price is steep but FAIR. Btw, new shimano rocks. A single derailleur cable under the bottom bracket area actuates the shift pawls and it is insensitive to adjustments or cable stretching. LifeGiver Hammedschmidt 16, at 7: About Us Reviews Reviews See all. Also shop in Also shop in.


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This can be considered evolution to the DH racing scene adding occational pedalling sections within a course. The idea here is truvvativ this is a front transmission system for the front ring. Video will open in a new window[isdntekvideo]. Hot Product of the Year: All this shit should of been out in the late 90’s.

Review: Truvativ HammerSchmidt AM Crankset and Transmission

In another years time they will reintroduce the epileptic cassette, this with an Electronic Control Unit, load and speed sensors to provide automatic shifting.

This is a cool idea but cant see it sticking around long. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Then I’ll get one! While the HammerSchmidt never enjoyed widespread rider acceptance in America, many European bike brands adopted the system. I only ride XC and you dont huck over obstacles like DH. There are two gears: After awhile, it becomes second nature to rely on your front shifting to carry more duties than you normally do with a front derailleur based setup.

I’d hate to see what labour would cost!! The bashguard is useful.

The shifting plate, bolted in place on the bike. Riding Tips See all.

Truvativ HammerSchmidt preview

I want one, but not sure of its effectivesness on yammerschmidt SS, and the price will be the deal breaker. With delivery of the Diamondback Mission 4 for review, we go the chance to get some serious ride time on the HammerSchmidt.

It can be broken down and each part is seperate so you should be able to get a single part of the whole unit for replacement.

Truvativ HammerSchmidt Part 2. If you are un-concerned with overall bike weight, I would suggest taking a look as the HammerSchmidt is your answer to getting rid of front shifting headaches.


Only a small bracket of riders XC, all mountain etc use more than one ring on the front. We’re here to provide friendly and personal service for all cyclists. Presumably this thing is for people who want more reliable, better shifting, and it’s a lot of money to just improve shifting at the front. I like the idea and the execution seems about right.

I love it but i dont have ISCG mount on my all-mtn bike. As you blow through rock gardens and other rough terrain, there is no worry of the chain dropping or miss shifts as you are basically dealing with a 1x setup on the front ring. Neko Mulally Has Been Testing a It could make an interesting twin speed as has been suggested above, some of the bombproof simplicity of singlespeed but with a proper granny gear too They say “Our system is just as well encapsulated as hubs, inner bearings and control sets” if the inner bearings they mean are in ISIS botton brackets then there could be a problem!

Used to rebuild truvativ hammer Schmidt drive trains. Major issue is chain path in relation to pivot point. Lots of talk on Uk forums about this and general consensus is that its a good idea truvstiv doesn’t look very well sealed against mud like we get over here!

Once word gets out and interest at a local bike shop level rises, you will see hammdrschmidt set up become affordable. Nice, gearbox in bike Chain will never fall from chainring.

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