Hans Ulrich Rudel was a Stuka dive-bomber pilot during World War 2. The most highly decorated German serviceman of the war, Rudel was one of only Piloto de stukas by Rudel, Hans-Ulrich and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Results 1 – 23 of 23 Piloto de Stukas (Paperback or Softback) by Rudel, Hans-Ulrich and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available.

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Sep 28, Schwarzegeld rated it it was amazing. While most of the famous, high scoring Luftwauffe pilots remained above the fray of politics and ideology, Rudel was a staunch exponent of Nazism. On 8 FebruaryRudel was badly wounded in the right foot, rudfl crash landed inside German lines. Not political or an attempt to re-write history. Busting more tanks than a squadron of Ps.

He flew over missions, sometimes as many as six in a day, and was credited with destroying over soviet tanks, hundreds of artillery pieces and transport vehic Another ullrich Ballantine Books’ personal history war stories featuring the story of the Luftwaffe’s most decorated airman, Hans Ulrich Rudel. Spiegel Online in German.

Rudel xe hugely talented, extraordinarily brave, and valiant in the classic sense. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Jul 03, Evan rated it really liked it.

Kursk—The Final Air Battle: Rudel flew 2, combat missions claiming a total of 2, targets destroyed; including vehicles, tanks, artillery pieces, 70 landing craft, nine aircraft, 4 armored trains, several bridges, a destroyer, two cruisers, and the Soviet battleship Marat After the war he moved to South America.

Hans-Ulrich Rudel describes how he goes from a pilot nearly washing out to the deadliest bomber pilot of the entire Ulroch Front. In fact the book is understated throughout; perhaps a dramatisation would be incredible. He flew over missions, sometimes as many as six in a day, and was credited with destroying over soviet tanks, hundreds of artillery pieces and transport vehicles, a destroyer, a cruiser, and even the WWI-vintage battleship Marat by dropping an armor-piercing bomb down its smokestack.


Inhe became a spokesman for the German People’s Uniona neo-Nazi political party founded by the extremist politician Gerhard Frey.

The Rudel Scandal subsequently triggered a military-tradition discussion, which the Federal Minister of Defense Hans Apel ended with the introduction of “Guidelines for Understanding and Cultivating Tradition” on 20 September Certainly worth a read.

I cannot fathom how Rudel managed to beat hams odds in more than twenty-five hundred sorties over hostile territory. Dec 25, Rudel’s gunner from October was Erwin Hentschel, who served with Rudel for the next two and a half years, earning the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross during that ztukas. In his political speeches, Rudel made generalizing statements, claiming that he was speaking on behalf of most, if not all, former German soldiers of World War II.

Knights of the Reich.

Retrieved 18 August Escaping death and dodging Russians like no other. Refresh and try again. While it easy to piloro the records of t Its hard not to like this tale, even if you know the autobiography is of a devout Nazi! Knight’s Cross and Oak Leaves Recipients — There is little of his personal life here. The Luftwaffe had to invent new variations of its highest decorations to commerate his acheivements, the last award being presented by Der Fuhrer himself in his bunker the day before Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide, making Rudel perhaps the last ordinary soldier to see Der Fuhrer.

He was not only extremely lucky but incredibly skilled.

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Klaus Barbie und die westlichen Geheimdienste gudel Codename Eagle: An excellent account of the war from one of the best pilots in history. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: He flew 2, combat missions.

He was credited with the destruction of tanks, severely damaging the battleship Maratas well as sinking a cruiser incomplete and heavily damaged Petropavlovska destroyer Leningrad-class destroyer Minsk and 70 landing craft.

During Rudel’s burial ceremony, two Bundeswehr F-4 Phantoms appeared to make a low altitude flypast over his grave. It caused the explosion of the forward magazine which demolished the superstructure and the forward part of the hull.


Hans Ulrich Rudel

Beyond Eagle and Swastika: Retrieved 27 November Junkers Ju 87 Stukageschwader of the Russian Front. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Its hard not to like this tale, even if you know the autobiography is hahs a devout Nazi!

Far-right publishers Far-right periodicals. Fellgiebel, Walther-Peer []. Rudel died after suffering another stroke in Rosenheim on 18 December[46] plloto was buried in Dornhausen on 22 December L—Z ] in German.

Back for additional training he went, as a dive bomber pilot I read this “flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” combat memoir as a teenager and was thrilled by it. He also managed to shoot down nine enemy planes while flying his dive-bombing missions, once by such making such extreme maneuvers that his opponent’s plane shed its wings attempting to stay with him.

This book is pure action and puts you right in the cockpit with the author, kicking the rudder bar, watching the tanks burns and dodging the flak. Rudel also claimed to have destroyed more than vehicles of all types, over artillery, anti-tank or anti-aircraft positions, 4 armored trains, as well as numerous bridges and supply lines.

Stuka Pilot by Hans-Ulrich Rudel

ztukas The style is part of the experience as well, as the author subjects you to his philosophies of life, German sensibilities, and opinions about various people, including Hitler and Goering. The action is intensely described and some of the events are just baffling. Nazis on the Run: It seems some reviewers have rated this based on Rudel’s politics rather than the content.

Over and over again. Trotzdem [ Nevertheless ] in German.

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