The Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game (abbreviated as RPG) was produced in line with GURPS Third Edition, focusing on the Lite Ruleset. It introduce. Hellboy has 63 ratings and 0 reviews. Fans of Mike Mignola’s demon-busting Hellboy can now join him, fighting evil and kicking Nazi butt! This book inclu. The Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game is ─║Powered by GURPS,─╣ meaning that its rules are closely based on GURPS, a popular general-purpose RPG.

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According to myth and rumor, Hellboy’s right hand created the Odgru Jahad, imprisoned them, and can release and control them. In game terms it has Damage Resistance ; damage greater than this would injure Hellboy through transmitted shock, but would not damage the hand.

Click here to see the hidden message It might contain spoilers. Ancient History Invincible Overlord Joined: On the other hand, most games probably won’t have you playing Big Red himself.

Playing the Game One of the downsides of having an all-in-one game is that, well, the better portion of the space is given over to basically regurgitating GURPS Lite rules verbatim. The book features a brand new Hellboy story by Christopher Golden. Crucially, most supernatural creatures have some kind of vulnerability, or an overwhelming motivation, and by exploiting this, normal humans can deal with them.

This book is really for hardcore fans of the series and not someone looking for a new innovative RPS, because as a system it is just a retelling of the GURPSLite rules. Click here to see the hidden message It might contain spoilers This hadn’t happened yet.

Please try again later. I’m not a fan of this overly complex system, but it was still a well made book that any hellboy fan should consider since the material out there is so few are far between for this character. Davidwlou rated it liked it Jan 20, Never before has so much been collected about Hellboy, his friends, and his foes.

Brandt Bjornsen rated soyrcebook liked it May 23, The book has a great dark sense of humor and feels as though it were a Hellboy comic, because of this it is a very enjoyable read and the loads of Hellboy information make it a great sourcebook for the Hellboy world. Even Hellboy art includes details, especially when they’re important to the plot, and in any case, some players and GMs like thinking stuff through.


Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game

Justin Brown rated it really liked it Mar 17, Instead, for these purposes only, the Clerical Investment advantage removes the -5 penalty, though the maximum Path skill limit of 12 still applies. While the metaphysics of Hellboy’s universe are complex and somewhat obscure, onre thing that is clear is that there is a place called Hell, which is much as that names suggests, and which is occupied by numerous malevolent beings who fully qualify to be called demons.

My husband and his friends love to do this whole role playing dice game thing Just because I don’t really “get it” doesn’t mean that they don’t have a BLAST He wanted this book and I bought it for him. Lobster Johnson and the Osiris Club are given hilariously short entries considering how important they later turned out to be.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Vampir Sturm details, but after all that series wasn’t released until later.

Ben rated it really sourfebook it Jul 08, ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Core Rules min needed to play. The first are simply siurcebook parties and individuals which espouse Nazi ideals, either openly or in private.

This book includes everything you need to run an action-packed game based on the award-winning series from Dark Horse Comics. Lots of fiddly modifiers but it mostly boils down to “Roll skill, if successful do damage.

The nice thing about doing a sourcebook for an existing franchise is plenty of re-usable art assets! Try our fantasy card game Clash of Nations!

Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game | RPG | RPGGeek

Sat Mar 29, 1: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Frank and I had a conversation recently; Frank pointed out that the failing of Hellboy: Strange Soourcebook Hellboy Omnibus: To ask other readers questions about Hellboyplease sign up. The Ragna Rok Engine Perhaps the ultimate accomplishment of Project Ragna Rok, this was an extremely complex piece of equipment designed to focus occult energies and place them at Rasputin’s disposal for use in an empowering ritual.

Tags separate by space: This in turn means that agents should be prepared to investigate – engage in extended searches for clues, library research, and conversations with witness, all of which are perhaps a little too dull to depict in comics, but which can be fascinating in roleplaying game sessions.


Hellboy: Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game

Really, if you look at the range there points to pointsand what people can do, you can sort of see in a nutshell one of the basic problems with GURPS: It’s pretty light on the Project: Sun Mar 30, 8: The Nazis Today There have been several different kinds of Nazis active in the world over the paste decade.

Briefer gane without stats are given for a bunch of other minor characters from the Hellboy ‘verse which most people have forgotten because, y’know, they showed up once ten-fifteen trade paperbacks ago and were never mentioned since. What Is the Hand of Doom? If you were tasked with designing a Hellboy RPG from scratch what would you focus on, system-wise, and would it look anything like this?

Hellboy could use the hand to summon the Ogdru Jahad and destroy the world, but never would. TO ensure that the discussion of game-related matters makes sense, we’ve put them early in the book.

It’s a world where blatant supernatural forces definitely exist, and are fairly widely known about. Lon rated it really liked it Jul 17, This hadn’t happened yet. SAS dude is no Jenkins; he can do a lot of basic survival and combat-type stuff competently, and on any straight roll with a pistol or rifle is guaranteed to hit, but that’s basically it. In translating any setting to GURPS mechanics, zourcebook lose some of the flavor of that setting – it’s one of the reasons I am so strongly against porting Earthdawn and Shadowrun to other systems, because the systems are sourcrbook tied to the game world that if you take them away you really lose a lot of the game – the system reinforces the setting.

Hell on Earth Volume 3. Nathan rated it really liked it Jun 17,

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