Historia om de nordiska folken, Volume 3. Front Cover. Olaus (Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala). Almqvist & Wiksells boktr., i distribution, РFolklore. Historia om de nordiska folken. Front Cover. Olaus (Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala). Gidlund, РScandinavia Рpages. Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken. Bok 4 РKapitel 5 РOm varubyte utan penningar. РUtgivnings̴r

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Traders are seen on the ice with their merchandise. The Danish flag with the three lions is hisforia and the bearer is falling to the ground.

A marriage is confirmed in presence of parents and relatives by stroking steel and flint stone together. Below a man is sewing together sinews from reindeers outside a house. This ritual is executed by the man to the left.

A son or a servant holds the horse. He is here armed with a mace and a sword. To the left we see Starkater, old and tired of living, hands over his sword and an amount of gold to Hather.

The woodcut shows a merchant who travels with his packhorse over the mountains between Sweden and Norway. At the top a formidable forest of lances and a fleeing Danish cavalry.


The symbol in the middle could be an ear grainused as a votive gift to Saint Erik. Ola is helped by his big bloodhound. In the middle a warrior dressed in a suit of armour and with sword and pike. Starkater is on his way to the Danish king Ingell. Th is free graphics is presented in small size on this page. Three nordiwka are building a boat.

Both the horse and the man wear snow shoes. The evil brothers Skat and Hiall, two notorious virgin robbers, want to take her away from her father.

Historia Om De Nordiska Folken Stock Photos & Historia Om De Nordiska Folken Stock Images – Alamy

The woodcut shows four Laps of different ages practising archery. On the Death of Stakater. He is placed on a bear skin pulled by a horse.

To the left of the woodcut two travellers which are greeted welcome by the host in the middle. Starkater, the man on the woodcut, was a Nordic brave and never defeated giant who lived around year 0 AD. On Christening of Children among the Forrest Dwellers. Book 4Ch. Some birds are flying in the sky. He courted the Danish princess Historka who turned him away. The Nordic people is offering dried pike fish, flour, axes, knives, scissors, cloth etc. An old norddiska wants to get down a steep snowy mountain side.

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At the left a man is out hunting.

The full moon in the sky symbolizes midwinter. The woodcut shows three warriors in suits of armour. The Russians offer skins, butter? On the Difference between Giants and Warriors.

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken | One Percent Finance

The resolution will be dpi. On the Defence of the oppressed.

On Marketplaces on the Ice. In the middle the Danish infantry flees in disorder.

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken

We can see a crossbow, axe, knife, tongs, scissors and other tools, barrels, a metal jug etc. Note that they travel unarmed. On Another Man with the Name Halfdan. This Halfdan, to the right in the woodcut, was a Norwegian of royal family. On the Martial Exercises of Starkater.

You can nordjska a sporting dog in the foreground and fleeing reindeers in the background. Near the upper left corner the Danish king Harald falls from his cart and drops his crown.

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