Composed in medieval Iceland, Hrolf’s Saga is one of the greatest of all mythic- legendary sagas, relating half-fantastical events that were said to have occurred . Hrolf Kraki’s Saga has ratings and 50 reviews. Lyn said: Poul Anderson has demonstrated his passion for Norse mythology in several of his works and t. The Saga of Hrolf Kraki (Hr√≥lfs saga kraka) is a 13th century Icelandic Legendary Saga about the legendary Danish king Hrolf Kraki, who would have .

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Anderson feels that Hrolf was a real historical figure, and dates his existence to a reference in Gregory of Tours to a figure that he feels is Hygelac, king of the Geats and father of Beowulf, coming to the conclusion that Hrolf lived at the end of the sixth century, during the late Migration Period, long before Christianity urolf that far north.

Retrieved from ” https: The gift of a book that does that to you never a thing to be forgotten! It’s a work that, for me at least, really captures that “Northern thing” that so enamoured Tolkien and Lewis and satisfies me when I’m hungering kkraki such a thing myself. A lot of zaga publishers did that because the market for hardback specfic wasn’t there at the time. Lists with This Book. Learning that Helgi and Yrsa lived happily together, queen Oluf travelled to Denmark to tell her daughter the truth.

Poul Anderson brings this doom-haunted saga to life with modern language that still krami to capture the original spirit and cadence.

I tend to either really like his books, or be left cold by them.

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga (novel) – Wikipedia

Esto me ha gustado, ya que he podido ver a muchos personajes y puntos de hro,f y algunos me han resultado una pasada. Even those who lived in the midnight of their times knew right from wrong at its heart.

Anderson filled in gaps and tried to reconcile contradictions in the source materials. The style sometimes, particularly early in the book, reads like a basic genealogy such as: Personajes cuyos principios se basan en el honor; hombres szga se dejan llevar por la arrogancia, la furia y la venganza, para luego afrontar con valor las consecuencias de sus actos. No one lives in a vacuum and one hero’s life has roots in the past. Years later, on another foray to Saxony, he kidnaps a beautiful shepherd girl, Yrsa.


I have not read an actual translation of the compilation of the ancient Danish manuscripts which date from as far back as the s but from the way in which Mr. By using this site, keaki agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The action concentrates on adults such as Queen Yrsa and her husbands, King Helgi and King Adils, and the saga probes deeply into the often complex emotional and sexual needs of such individuals.

King Hrolf Kraki – Introduction – About the Saga

A great retelling of the myth of the tragic Viking King. Oraki in such communities elsewhere, the settlers and their descendants tended to venerate the traditions of the mother-culture. Views Read Edit View history. The Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus, writing aboutcredits the trustworthiness of Icelanders, who: A sword hidden in a cave and embedded in stone awaits the rightful heir among Bjorn’s three sons.

Goodreads helps saag keep track of books you want to read.

Love, loyalty, honesty beyond the most niggling technicalities, were only for one’s kindred, chieftain, and closest friends. The relationship is based on hroof ancient core of shared storytelling, which displays the extent of a common oral tradition in the medieval North and may echo long-past historical events.

In what we now would understand hrold a deep depression, Helgi retires to his bed. Toward the end of the second section King Hrolf is born, the offspring of a curious parentage. In the Scandinavian dynastic struggles that form the major underlying theme in the rest of the saga, King Adils of Sweden emerges as Hrolf’s principal opponent. In this section each occurrence is more extraordinary than the preceding one.

The novel was nominated for the British Fantasy Award in Their sagas were unusual among the literatures of medieval Europe, where with the exception of Ireland, traditional narrative stories were usually told in verse.

She was, however, not interested and humiliated Helgi by shaving his head and covering him kraoi tar, while he was asleep, and sending him back to his ship. Medieval Iceland was a suitable place for passing down the memory of King Hrolf and his twelve champions. He received numerous a Pseudonym A. I loved this retelling of Danish saga. Retrieved from ” https: The text falls into five main sections, each one focusing on a different set of characters.


There are also a lot of characters to keep track of and the story seems a little disconnected at time. Jul 02, Fraser Sherman rated it really liked it Shelves: They take great pleasure in discovering and commemorating the achievements of all nations; in their view it is as enlightening to discourse on the prowess of others as to display their own.

On one of these raids, Helgi rapes Queen Oluf of the Saxons. Hrolf’s Saga devotes a significant share of the narrative to the destiny of female characters, and a urolf feature of the text is that important events turn on decisions made by women.

Jul 28, Anduril81 rated it it was amazing.

Having read it, I now want to find a copy of my own Some time later, Helgi returned and through a ruse, he kidnapped the queen for a while during which time he made her pregnant.

This is on hrlof grimmer side of his style, though not so bleak as “The Broken Sword”, but readers will find a continuity of style between the two, a feeling I haven’t read too many books like this. For Hrolf Kraki’s SagaMr Anderson, according to the introductory material in the book, coordinated, assembled, and retold “the scattered heroic literature” to bring us this “keening, blood-rimed tale of men who walked like gods.

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga

Under the pretext that they would wait three years before paying the accumulated tribute at one time, Skuld assembled a large army which included strong warriors, criminals, elves and norns. I confess, though, that I liked Three Heart This retelling of the Danish Sagas by Poul Anderson is very true to the original, even to the point of starting generations before the title character comes on the scene.

Dark, sad and beautiful. There’s even a krai crossover with the Beowulf poem, which isn’t inserted randomly by Anderson as the crossover existed in the original texts – which I didn’t know until I looked it up but which gives an interesting context to both. Jan 31, Lyn rated it liked it.

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