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When the uplink signal is poor, the MCS is lowered or the transmit power of the MS is raised to ensure correct signal demodulation on the uplink. The scanning process huaewi stopped when any of the following conditions is met: The value of this parameter should be set according to the actual situations. The variation of packet delay is known as packet jitter. System will be exit!. Differentiated Transmission Service Dbss3900 the differentiated transmission service, different priorties are assigned to the user data, including five types of scheduling service data, signaling data, and maintenance data.

Under the impact wjmax and refraction of physical space environment, a transmitted signal is dispersed into multiple signals with different phases.

IT Infrastructure Storage Solution.

The BS receives data from different antennas and huawdi them to cancel the fading effect. The message carries the list of target BSs, and the MS can identify the measured values of the target BSs according to the indicator bits. Each service flow is granted QoS parameters such as the service type, delay, jitter, and data rate. If the BS receives the retransmitted HARQ data, it combines the retransmitted data with the previously received one and overwrites the original data in the buffer.

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Huawei DBS3900 WiMAX

When the uplink signal becomes good, the MCS is raised or the transmit power of the MS is lowered to ensure correct signal demodulation on the uplink. In this mode, all the BSs uses the same frequency point. Generally, signals are not simply transmitted on communication channels from the transmitter to the receiver in a point-to-point manner.

Yes but not free Package information: Provides additional information to emphasize or supplement important points of the main text. In PUSC 1,1,3 networking mode, each sector uses 10 downlink sub-channels, and the three sectors use 12, 12, and 11 uplink sub- channels respectively. Then, the decoding module performs data decoding. For example, click OK. Throughput can be interpreted as the maximum transmission rate when no packet is lost. Shift Between Uplink Power Control Modes The uplink power control mode can shift between closed-loop power control and open-loop power control.

Using transmitter diversity can achieve diversity gain and power gain from multi-antenna transmission.

Huawei DBS WiMAX Archives – HUAWEI Mobile Core Network, OSN-Optical, Wireless Reseller

Paging Group A logical group composed by multiple BSs. To activate BS-initiated handovers, you need to perform the preceding six steps and then perform the step that follow. The measured object may be a system, a piece of equipment, a connection, or a service type.


This process is known as a handover, which is a major function enabling mobility management in wireless communications. In the scenario of channel fading, this technology can even bring a small amount of diversity gain. The Preamble and data on common channels are transmitted in CDD mode. Figure shows the transmit matrix of Matrix B.

The user plans OM transmission parameters for each BS on the network according to the actual situations of the bearer network and the details of network planning. After the receiver receives an error packet, it does not discard the error packet but combines the error packet with the retransmitted redundancy information and then decodes the combined information. For common channels like the Preamble, four-antenna CDD transmission can be adopted.

Procedure l Activate MS-initiated handovers. Related Parameters TableTableTableand Table list the parameters related to the multi- carrier vbs3900.

Related Parameters TableTableand Table list the parameters related to the huwaei feature. One item is selected or no item is selected.

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