Prone Shoulder Extension with External Rotation. Set shoulder blade as in #1. Turn palm toward floor. Bring arm away from floor to your side. Hold 5 seconds. Written by: Cindy Brantley, Lori Howard, and Jay Thompson. Hughston exercises # Rotator Cuff Exercises Positioning and technique: Lay prone (on your. Pinner days “Wow I just did this because my carpel tunnel was hurting and it worked!” Health And Fitness: Finger & Wrist Stretch Exercise – I have HORRIBLE .

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Failure to do so will result in abnormally high fatigue, which can lead to injuries or a loss in performance.

Hughston Exercises for the Shoulder

Be sure to go to the starting position and not allow the arm to drop below parallel. The goal is to maintain or slowly improve muscular strength, not to increase the size of the rotator cuff muscles. The routine should progressively progress throughout the week, from more agressive to lower intensity as competition approaches.

Bring your arm up as far as possible. This shoulder strengthening program is intended for current and prospective VSU baseball pitchers and catchers to use as a maintenance strengthening tool. Lying face down on the edge of a table, the athlete allows their arm to hang towards the floor. Externally rotate like cocking to throw a ball.


The Hughston Exercises Each exercise requires the same starting position: Slowly and with control return to the starting position of PART 1. Keep elbow slightly bent and move arm down across your body to your opposite hip.

Be sure elbow is level with gughston ear. External rotation-Starting with the arm at the side of the body, bend the elbow and bring the hand out away from the body. How to Build Muscle After Prior to huthston full-time, she worked as a strength coach, athletic coach and college instructor. Begin with three sets of At two sets of 15, begin a third set of 5, and so on. The Hughston exercises should not be performed more than once or twice a week, and never on back-to-back days.

Very similar to the exercise listed above, but the arm is lifted slightly towards the head, so the finishing point is at eye level.

Return to the starting position. Once the athlete can perform 60 continuous repetitions with no weight, a one pound weight may be added. Next move hand down to mid handle of the bat and decrease reps to Each exercise requires the same starting position: Move hand down to regular grip position on handle hubhston the bat.


Abduction with thumb pointed towards head: Hughsto or signed players can begin this program prior to arrival at VSU.

Hughston Exercises for Shoulder – CyberPT Physical Therapy Forum

The four rotator cuff muscles are very small and are not equipped to handle high loads. Set up- Athlete is seated with elbow bent to 90 degrees resting on table or like surface. Flexion-Starting with the arm at the side, bring the arm straight out in exerciwes of you until arm is parallel with the floor. Adequate rest is essential in allowing the rotator cuff muscles to heal between workouts.

It should be implemeted year round at least 3 times exerrcises week. Too high volume or intensity can cause the muscles to swell, then rub against bony structures within the tight space of the shoulder capsule.

Start with 10 repetitions and no weight. Abduction with thumb pointed up: The following exercises require the same movements as above, just with alteration of thumb placement.

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