Ida Scudder was born in , in Ranipet, Madras Presidency, India. In , her family returned briefly to the United States following a cholera epidemic and. Ida Scudder wanted to leave hot, overcrowded India for the good life. If asked to define the good life, she would have replied, “America and marriage to a. In John Scudder left his growing practice in New York City and sailed for Ida Scudder was born in India in and grew up well-acquainted with the.

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She vowed then to get a medical degree, so that she could work in India as a much-needed female physician. During her lifetime she saw her medical center become one of the largest in all Asia, the departments multiply to include radiation-oncology under her niece and name sake, Dr. The Story of Dr. Archived from the original on Her dream of serving her internship under the brilliant tutelage of her father was shattered when he unexpectedly died of cancer.

Ida Scudder Changed Her Mind – Church History Timeline

Ida Scudder realized that she would be foolish to go on alone in her fight to bring better health to South India’s women, so she decided to open a medical school for girls only. This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Diplomat in Bangladesh Chicago: Every dollar would have to be given back to the givers. Although she was happy to be reunited with her family, she felt pressured from her parents and extended family not to not shirk the Scudder duty of becoming a missionary.

Insfudder family returned briefly to the United States following a cholera epidemic and settled in Creston, Nebraska, for four years.

The granddaughter of Rev.

In the midst of the ravages of war, he was able to save the hospital, and after a time of home leave, he returned to his hospital to serve the people in the new country of Bangladesh. I went to bed in the early morning after praying much for guidance.


Inagain with the support of many denominations, she built a larger hospital in the center of Vellore. With the money, she started a tiny medical dispensary and clinic for women at Vellore, 75 miles from Madras.

But medical work consumed the vast majority of her sixteen-hour work days, though always taking time to distribute Scripture cards.

Modern Language Association http: This extraordinary biogrraphy woman has, at 72, a spring in her step, a sparkle in her eye and the skilled, strong hands of a surgeon of Macmillan Reference USA, When the nursing school opened, she was deluged with applicants, and her first graduating class and ranked high in the government exams.

Ida Scudder of Vellore New York: The Story of Dr.

Home Women Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps Scudder, Ida — Within the very touch of my hand were three young girls dying sudder there was no woman to help them. The things that changed her path was not able to save some Hindu and Muslim women who died due to child birth.


By providing for the education of locals in medical techniques, she assured the continuance of health care in the area around Vellore and released it from reliance on itinerant doctors and the presence of missionaries from foreign countries. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Mott, a coeducational school was the logical solution, and some suggested that Vellore would be the ideal location.

She graduated from Cornell Medical College, New York Biogrqphy in id, as part of the first class at that school that accepted women as medical students. With this accomplishment, Scudder retired but remained near Vellore. In addition to her medical courses, Scudder taught a four-year Bible course on the apostle Paul and the Pauline epistles.


Although Scudder’s efforts to save the medical college from closure included converting it into a coeducational institution, causing condemnation from Lucy Peabody and other supporters of women’s education, her work remains significant.

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Scudder, Ida (1870–1960)

Bibliography Secondary Jameson, Carol B. Inthe college was opened to men as well as women. Two years later, with Dodd’s assistance, Scudder founded the Union Mission Medical School for Women in Vellore, which provided formal and certified medical education.

Inthe hospital’s nurses-training program was expanded into a regular school biographt nursing. Of the nine who survived to adulthood, seven became missionaries, most of them specializing in medicine like their father. All three women died of the kinds of complications that Scuddre knew could have been prevented by a physician. She traveled a number of times to the United States to raise funds for the college and hospital, raising a total in the millions. Scudder began training nurses, an almost unheard-of procedure in Asia.

She was invited by Dwight Moody to biograpny at his Northfield Seminary in Massachusettswhere she earned a reputation for pranks. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

Then inwhen Cornell Medical College opened its doors to women, she transferred there to take advantage of its higher uda accreditation, and it was from there that she received her M. Retrieved from ” https: Inshe went back to Vellore and began a lifelong service as a medical missionary. The memory of that night could still bring a stabbing pain.

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