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INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. First edition. Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) –. General requirements, tests and test conditions –. IEC ELECTRICITY METERING EQUIPMENT (A.C.) – GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, TESTS AND TEST CONDITIONS – PART METERING. Buy IEC Ed. Electricity metering equipment (AC) – General requirements, tests and test conditions Part Metering equipment from SAI Global.

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Inductive voltage transformers IEC An optimum pulse transmission 2 is achieved when, under test conditions, the receiving head is aligned with its optical axis on the optical pulse output. It also applies to operation indicator s and test output s. The terminals of the circuits which are not subjected to impulse voltage shall be connected to earth. NOTE Considering the electromagnetic environment of electricity metering equipment, the following phenomena are relevant: NOTE For areas where overhead supply networks are predominant, a higher peak value than given in Tables 3a and 3b of the test voltage may be required.

620522 pulse transition time rise time or fall time is the time of transition from one state to the other state, including transient effects. 6052 immunity test IEC During the test, the behaviour of the equipment shall not be perturbed and the variation of the error shall be within the limits as specified in the relevant standards. Q2 Please tell us in what capacity ies you bought the standard tick all that apply. For examples of the test set-up, see Annex E, Figures E.

Please assess the standard in the following categories, using the numbers: When the voltage is restored, the meter shall not have ic degradation of its metrological characteristics. During the test of a current ief, the terminals of the other circuits shall be connected to earth and the impulse voltage shall be applied between one of the terminals of the current circuit and earth.

Is my electricity meter single phase or three phase? The minimum time between the impulses shall be 3 s. Information under points ab and c may be marked on an external plate permanently attached to the meter cover. NOTE 1 Longer retention time of the non-volatile memory should be the subject of a 6202 contract. 6202 the terminal block and terminal cover of such a meter, reinforced insulation is sufficient. In order to satisfy such requirements when choosing idc materials for the terminal block sadequate testing of materials shall be taken into account.


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The protective earth terminal, if any: Information relating to this publication, including its validity, is available in the IEC Catalogue of publications see below in 6252 to new editions, amendments and corrigenda. Tests — Test Fc: The neutral terminal of the meter under test is disconnected from the ground terminal of the meter test equipment MTE and is connected to the MTE’s line terminal at which 620552 earth fault has to be simulated see Annex C.

General terms relating to measurements — Ieec Examples of markings are shown in Table 4. Thus, when the voltage and the current circuits of a measuring element are connected together in normal use, the test shall be made on the whole. NOTE The accuracy may be determined by the registration method or other suitable means.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The other terminal of this current circuit shall be open. NOTE 3 The ratio of the highest to the lowest basic speed of 662052 rotors of each of the meters of the same type shall not exceed 1,5.


Each type has one designation only. The other end of the voltage circuit shall be connected to earth and the impulse voltage shall be applied between the terminal of the current circuit and earth. In the case of modifications to the meter made after the type test and affecting only part of the isc, it will be sufficient to perform limited tests on the characteristics that may be affected by the modifications.

International, governmental and non-governmental organizations liaising with the IEC also participate in this preparation. NOTE 2 Values higher than 1 h should be ie subject of purchase contract.

For a flush-mounted meter, the meter base may include the sides of the case. Outdoor meters shall withstand oec radiation. Tests — Tests B: The auxiliary circuits intended to be connected either directly to the mains or to the same voltage transformers as the meter circuits, and with a reference voltage over 40 V, shall be subjected to the impulse voltage test in the same conditions as those already given for voltage circuits.


List of test equipment for IEC 3rd ifc. Example of test set-up, see Annex E, Figure E. Enter the exact number of the standard: The auxiliary circuits with a reference voltage below or equal to 40 V shall be connected to earth. Iiec heat Amendment 1: For a test under a simulated earth fault condition in one of the three lines, all voltages are increased to 1,1 times the nominal voltages during 4 h.

Ice test levels are regarded as minimum values to guarantee the proper functioning of the meter under normal working conditions. The object of the IEC is to promote international co-operation on all questions concerning standardization in the electrical and electronic fields.

This standard is intended to be used in conjunction with the appropriate part of IEC for the type of equipment under consideration. It does not apply to: See also Annex B, Figure B. A single electronic display may be used with multiple electronic memories to form multiple electronic registers.

NOTE 3 The regular roll over of the display is not considered as a reset. In the case of multiple values presented by a single display it shall be possible to display the content of all relevant memories. When continuously rotating, the lowest values of the drums shall be graduated and numbered in ten divisions, each division being subdivided into ten parts, or any other arrangement ensuring the same reading accuracy. If the test output is an optical test output, then it shall fulfil the requirements according 5.

Metering equipment This English-language version is derived from the original bilingual ief by leaving out all French-language ice.

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