Order separate catalog online or phone + (0) 22 . Conventional “chain suitable” cable (left) and igus®. incl. usefull accessories and Chainflex® cables – developed and tested for E- Chain® Catalogue pages with an overview of the igus® E-ChainSystems®: 5. igus® produces cost effective e-chains/energy chains, drag chains and cable carriers for long vertical motion and low profile To the energy chains catalogue.

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Two-piece energy chains, medium sizes, 21 to 45mm inner heights. Guide trough systems for long travels From the lightweight and universally deployable “Super Alu” guide trough through to the simple catalouge cost-effective snap-in trough.

If you are not sure which is the most suitable energy chain, simply click to send us your inquiry. To the guidelite plus shop. To the rotary modules shop. P4 system Roller chain profile, energy efficient Quiet, abrasion-resistant, maintenance-free energy catallogue.

E3 system – overview. Consulting I would be happy to answer your questions personally. Small, lightweight and cost-effective.

Quickly find a suitable energy chain

Compact, modular and cost-effective. E2 micro For restricted spaces Small pitch, quiet operation. For highly dynamic applications; suitable for clean-rooms. Consulting I would be happy to answer your questions personally. RX tubes Most chip-resistant design Smooth, rounded contours, plenty of interior space.


Lower weight xatalogue at higher dynamics. Additional strength and higher fill weights possible. To the twisterchain, new shop. Cost-effective solution for large volumes. For highly dynamic applications; according to hygienic design principles. E2 mini – overview. Innovative energy supply system for cleanrooms. PMA protective hoses To protect flexible electric cables, power cables, robotic cables, data cables etc.

e-chains® online shop – long-lasting energy chains for your application

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PMA protective hoses Diverse selection of tubes and accessories For the protection of flexible, electrical cables.

First choice for multi-axis industrial robots. Low vibration, wear resistant, for highly dynamic applications. To the 3D CAD portal. To the general overview. They optimise your supply chain for energy chains, cables, connectors, hoses, hydraulics, pneumatics, steel parts, sensors, PLC, bearings, linear guides and other machine components.

Many-sided modular interior separations. To the strain relief element shop. Enclosed or easily fillable.

Opens on both sides. Rotary system For fast rotating applications Integrated strain relief and cable guide trough. High speeds and accelerations possible. In this way, the necessary changes can be simply made when systems are expanded, for example.


Our smart plastics help to make it possible to monitor the plant in Austria. To the guidefast shop.

Online Catalogs

To the E2 mini shop. E2 micro Product Overview. To the FTA shop. Zipper chain Un-zip to open Open cyain close at lightening speed using the special design “Zipper”. Energy chain solutions for all requirements.

E3 — extremely quiet, most confined installation spaces Up to 38 dB A. E6 — extremely low-noise Up to 46 dB A. To the PPDS shop. Combination of single, two and three axis movements possible.

In order to provide you with a more enjoyable website experience we use cookies to store your information. A finished engine every 14 seconds. Guidefast Very short installation times Guidefast guide troughs are mounted catalogje the side. E3 system Extremely low-noise, for the smallest installation spaces Extremely low noise operation up to 38 dB A.

Strain relief elements Strain relief clamps, tiewrap plates and modular plug-in strain relief elements.

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