ImageMagick, version , is a package for display and interactive manipulation montage creates a composite image by combining several separate images. We list a few examples of the montage command here to illustrate its usefulness and ease of use. To get started, let’s . ImageMagick Studio LLC. This operation can be performed using its montage tool. To tile a set of images, allowing ImageMagick to pick the layout for you: To tile a set of.

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The -colors or -monochrome option is required for this option to take effect. Num Images Tile Imagemwgick 26 – 30 6×5 31 – 36 7×5 31 – 35 7×5 36 6×6 37 – 42 7×6 43 – 48 8×6. JohnDoe Since v7, montage Back to Contents Options -adjoin join images into a single multi-image file.

Finally, the last argument on the command line is the name assigned to the composite image. The equivalent X resource for this option is cropGeometry class CropGeometry. You will notice that montage downsizes images. Note, options -dither-colorspaceand -treedepth imageamgick the color reduction algorithm.

Note, that if the number of tiles exceeds the default number of 20 5 per row, 4 per columnmore than one composite image is created. The actual number of colors in the image may be less than your request, but never more.

Optionally you can include the image filename, type, width, height, or scene number by embedding special format characters. If you really need this sort of ability you will need to develop your own montage type of application.


A specific value is specified with -tile. The point method recolors the target pixel. The color used as the frame color. This option is used in concert with -page. In other words it is wrong for lines of ‘short’ images.

How to tile images using ImageMagick

Note, that if the background and foreground colors are the same, labels will not appear. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Dave’s solution didn’t work for me, so I found a better answer here.

Use text to annotate an image with text. This seems like it might be a reasonably common question, so I’m going to ask it using as many keywords as I montqge think of!

Montage — IM v6 Examples

There is no method, at this time to allow montaged images to span multiple rows or columns, as you can in HTML tables. Consider the target pixel as that specified by your coordinate. Glueing tile images together using imagemagick’s montage command without resizing Ask Question.

The replace method recolors any pixel that matches the color of the target pixel. Now such a argument will produce a very long image, and could take a long time for IM to complete. Coordinates are integers separated by an optional comma. Sort of like a proof sheet of a large collection of images.

Back to Contents Description montage creates a composite image by combining several separate images. The default is 72 pixels per inch in the horizontal and vertical direction.

Use this option to assign a specific comment to the image. By default, each image is commented with its file name. I personally use this minimal command for such tasks: If you do develop something, then please contribute, and we’ll see about merging it into the existing montage application.


ImageMagick Image Montage Utility

Circle requires the center coordinate and a coordinate on the outer edge. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This also includes a copy of the previous image map. Visual Index of Photo Store. I assumed x was the final size 3 images px each. Does that seem correct?

The replace method changes the matte value of any pixel that matches the color of the target pixel. Here the matte information is ignored. In still other versions you would be able to see though all the layers and the final image would be transparent where the original image was transparent. How to join images montagr ImageMagick chooru. Follow the text coordinates with a string. Here are the valid methods: That is border would have been thus added to the image long before the images get resized according to ” -geometry “which resulted in different border widths around each image depending on the size of the image at that point.

The color outside the drawn frame. First, each image specified on the command line, except for the last, is scaled to fit the maximum tile size.

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