The Inter-Club Agreement (ICA) was formulated in in order to promote amicable and equitable settlements for cargo claims under the. The Inter-Club Agreement (ICA) first came into force on 20 February It was revised in , in. and again in See 24 August , Standard. CIRCULAR REF: / CIRCULATED TO ALL MEMBERS, BROKERS AND DIRECTORS. The Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange Agreement, which.

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The vessel arrived at the disport in December Since the ICA extends to claims arising under through or combined transport bills aggeement lading, a question arises as to how “stowage” should be interpreted in respect of containerised cargo: As will be seen, it has also been necessary to make a number of additional consequential but not substantive amendments to the Agreement.

This means that the simple fact that the underlying contract of carriage is a contract for through inteeclub multimodal transport is not a reason in itself to avoid application of the Agreement, even if this type of contract is not authorised under the charterparty. The apportionment of liability under the two versions of the ICA will be very similar, with some minor exceptions where no provision for apportionment existed in 19966 version and the inclusion of the “catch-all” provision.

It would seem that the phrase means stowage of the container on board the agreemeng vessel. The Agreement also provides that apportionment under the ICA may only be made if the claim has been properly settled or compromised.

Interpretation of the Inter-Club Agreement – Thomas Cooper LLP

Costs Although the version of the ICA did not contain a definition of cargo claims, it made clear that the apportionment should also apply to “legal costs incurred” on cargo claims.

The ICA, since its inception, has been amended on two occasions. However, the Agreement will also apply where the claim is made under a document agreemen than a bill of lading. The first in was to meet one particular shortcoming relating to the time limit for making claims.

If the condensation damage resulted solely from improper ventilation, owners were per cent liable.

Apportionment under each form should be as per Table IV, agreemejt on English law. Charterparties authorised under the charterparty and incorporating the Hague or Hague-Visby Rules or containing terms no less favourable. He has been involved in a number of high-value, complex and. However, as we describe below, for claims arising from cargo handling the apportionment formula maintains a distinction between cases in which Clause 8 has been amended to include the words “and responsibility” or has otherwise been amended to make the Master responsible for cargo handling and those cases in which Clause 8 has no such amendment.

Accordingly in the absence of payment, no accrued cause of action crystallises and there is therefore no right, prior to payment, for the party 199 in respect of a Cargo Claim to intercoub that the other party to the charterparty, provide security which could be sought, by, for example, arresting or threatening to arrest a vessel or other property.


One of the purposes of the Clubs in drafting the ICA was to change intetclub point. Accordingly, the above-mentioned items would be considered as set out in Table II.

In one important decision of the English Commercial Court 3 dealt with the application of the Agreement when expressly incorporated as a term of the charterparty, against the practical background of container operations and through and multimodal transport bills of lading. Since charterers have no control over the navigation or management of the vessel, such a result would seem inequitable.

The form makes clear that the Agreement applies between Clubs despite any interclib to the contrary in the charterparty. A cookie is a small piece of data that websites store on your computer and we use areement to provide you with a better user experience on our website.

However, the reference to ex-gratia payments has been dropped since it was considered that the words were superfluous. One for claims where Clause 8 of the charterparty contained no material amendments and one for claims where the only material amendment was the inclusion of the words “and intecrlub or similar words, by which the Master was made responsible for cargo handling.

After the expiry of such notice, the Agreement shall nevertheless 9196 as between all the Clubs, other than the Club giving such notice who shall remain bound by and be entitled to the benefit of this Agreement in respect of all cargo claims arising out of charterparties commenced prior to the expiration of such notice. In fact the change is more subtle than mere semantics. Inter-Club Agreement as amended 1 September However, these words are superfluous because the Agreement is between the Clubs, who do not have authority to bind their Members to it, so the Agreement is not binding on the Agreemen in any event.

Condensation resulting from something other than improper ventilation or bad stowage where there is not irrefutable evidence that the interclhb arose out of the act or neglect of Charterers, their servants or sub-contractors. The new form also makes clear that the Clubs have a duty to recommend application of the Agreement to their Members whether or not the Agreement is incorporated into the relevant charterparty.

Agreejent version continues to include “costs” in the apportionment, and clarifies that “costs” means the following: We have placed cookies on your computer to help make this website better.

Any form of document authorised under the charterparty or which would have been authorised under the charterparty except for the inclusion of through or combined multimodal transport provisions, incorporating the Hamburg Rules or any national law giving effect thereto, where these Rules inrerclub compulsorily applicable by operation of law to the contract of carriage.


Web design agency – Liquid Light. Some pages or content may fail to load. Thomas Miller Group Website. A material amendment is defined in both forms as one which makes liability for cargo claims clear.

The new version is also an attempt to arrange the Agreement in a more logically structured way, to make it more “user-friendly”.

This article is filed under: The dispute concerned a vessel that was fixed on a time charter trip basis to carry soya bean meal from Agreekent America to Iran. In addition, there is now a new requirement that the cargo claim must also be paid.

It went on to provide that ex-gratia payments made for commercial or other reasons, where no legal liability existed, were to intrclub borne by the party by whom the payment was made.

Documents not authorised under the agreement whether or not incorporating the Hague or Hague-Visby Rules or containing terms no less favourable. Agredment addition, it was thought that the provision of two apportionment formulae was quite confusing, so there were attempts to amalgamate them into one, without affecting the division of liability as established in the form. Under the ICA such claims were dealt with in two ways. It also makes clear the fact that the charterers have the burden of proving that the cargo claim did or did not so arise.

If you need to call our offices out of hours and at weekends, click After Office hours for a up to date list of the names of the Duty Executives and their mobile phone numbers. As a result, between Clubs, application of the Agreement to existing agreemenf forms will be as set out in Table I. We’ve updated our Cookies Policy. As the new agreement takes effect from 1st Septemberwe recommend its incorporation into all NYPE and Asbatime charterparties going forward.

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The ICA expressly excludes from the apportionment costs incurred in making a claim under the Agreement or in seeking an indemnity under the charterparty. Any variation to be effective must be approved in writing by all the Clubs but it is open to any Club intercluh withdraw from the Agreement on giving to all interclug other Clubs not less than three months’ written notice thereof, such withdrawal to take effect at the expiration of that period.

It can also apply to contracts of carriage authorised under such charterparties. In particular, it is agreed solely for the purposes of this Agreement:

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