My Internship Report on SMBL Shikarpur Road Sukkur Branch by qazi_salu in Types > Research > Business & Economics. INTERNSHIP REPORT. ON. HABIB BANK LIMITED PAKISTAN. PREEDY GATE BRANCH BANNU. SUBMITTED TO: SIR AMAN ULLAH AWAN. DIRECTOR. In Government of Pakistan announced the privatization of HBL to Agha Internship Report on Banking Business Activities of Mercantile Bank Limited, Internship start and finish dates: 5th March – 30th April

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This type of guarantee is given against work order. Americans express TC is available for sale. That is why the authority always should be aware about their service. ID payment is the process of providing cash to the customer that is received through remittance after verification of receiver.

Cash credit hypothecation b. Filling money suit cases under Artha Rin Adalat Bangladesh Bank issues license internsihp scheduled banks to deal with foreign exchange. It is made by the bank and given to the purchaser against cash or cheque.


We offer un-paralleled services to our clients on matters such as pricing, timing and optimal deal structure for all equity and quasi equity capital issuance. More the limit jnternship credit card more would be the charges on it.

The organization should follow the degree performance evaluation system. Email address is mandatory for Net banking and e-statement facility. Demand draft is cost effective rwport compared to other means of transfer. In our country Bangladesh Bank BBas the central bank, has legal authority to supervise and regulate all the banks.


This installment is according to bank directives.

Through this report, I tried my rport best to present my practical knowledge as well as to find out- General: The table below shows the share ownership of HBL. The banking in the form of money leading can be traced back in the reign of Gun Kam Dev towards the end of 8th century. It is sanctioned by making lien on FDR.

Buyer will sign on the bill. Ashad, bank’s staffs have excess workload due to which they cannot supervise the intern properly. It opens new accounts, remit funds, issue bank drafts and pay orders etc. Following teport are made in cash section: It should take various customer feedbacks and provide them prompt and convenient services.

UBL internship report | Muhammad Adeel –

As an account officer, you must enclose all the signatures and should verify them. Banking system of Bangladesh has through three phases of development Nationalization, Privatization and lastly Financial Sector Reform.

After collection of data, a list of table was prepared on the basis of aims and objectives of interndhip study and processing, editing and coding of the data were done simultaneously.

The project should ensure benefit geport the national economy and create sufficient opportunity in the following areas: Market risks include Foreign exchange risk, Interest rate risk and Equity risk.

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By mobilizing that sum of money, not only the individuals but also the economy is benefited. In case of partnership account, all partners photograph have to submit. As it perfectly suit the environment we are operating in, You attitude has helped UBL in capturing masses. Working at customer service department, I did counter with different types of customers and opened their account under the supervision of the officier.

It is a short —term credit arrangement and renewable. Banking service is the oldest service industry in Nepal. If the customer repays the over drafted amount to the bank within a month then the bank does not charge the mark-up on it except of annual charges.

HBL Internship Report

Siddiqui, A H,6th Edition. This is why this department is called foreign exchange department.

The reporrt done in fixed deposit and fund transfer are: The trade among various countries falls for close link between the parties dealing in trade.

However, in the temple Babylon the practices of safeguarding and saving flourished as early as B.

Repayment is adjusted from their monthly salary.

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