Interpreting ESXtop Statistics #vmware #esx. Introduction Section CPU Section Worlds and Groups Section PCPUs Section Global Statistics Section. VMware: Interpreting esxtop Statistics. Leave a reply Section Adapter, Device, VM screens Section I/O Throughput Statistics. The paper is titled “Interpreting esxtop Statistics“. “esxtop” is an utility provided by VMware which can be used to perform monitoring and.

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Many esxtop statistics are computed as rates, e. If this happens, please check the queue statistics, which will be discussed next.

Please also note that turbo mode may make the effective frequency higher than the nominal frequency. The client name can be used to identify the use of the port. Based on esxtop batch output, we can use something like below.

The frequency of a PCPU may be changed due to power management. The tables below describe their relationships. See interactive commands ‘e’. Note that groups can be organized in a hierarchical manner in ESX. VMware continued to postpone its implementation due to the negative operational impact that many…. The usage of the VMX world is out of the scope of this document.

Note that this stats refers to the VMKernel swapping not the guest swapping. A rate is computed based on the refresh interval, the time between successive snapshots. Abort commands are issued by the guest when the storage system has not responded within an acceptable amount of time, e. Please refer to NIC teaming documentation for details. But, to simplify this document, we will ignore HT related issues.


You may apply the description to the group as well, unless stated otherwise.

If QAVG is high, another line of investigation is to examine the queue depths at each level in the storage stack. The percentage of time the world spent in ready, co-deschedule state.

VMware: Interpreting esxtop Statistics

In either cases, it may hurt guest performance. Esxtop allows monitoring and collection of data for all system resources: It is usually safe to interprwting the ESX box is under memory pressure, if “state” is “hard” or “low”. If not set, it is determined by the guest operating system type.

The monitor maps guest physical memory to machine memory. In the above equation, we put this part under “vmkernel usage”. Here, this document provides simple descriptions without further discussion.

Interpreting VMware esxtop Statistics

All values are averages over the measurement interval. Interactive command ‘d’ can be used to switch to the adapter screen, ‘u’ for the device screen, and ‘v’ for the vm screen. They may esctop perfectly match with each other, since their latencies are measured at the different layers of the ESX storage stack. NWLD is the number of worlds esxtp the group. The counters can be selected as a set by selecting the appropriate field option in esxtop.

This is the total ballooned memory by the VMs.

Interpreting esxtop Statistics | VMware Communities | Infrastructure Land

Migration swap is used for a VMotioned VM to hold swapped out memory on the destination host, in case the destination host is under memory pressure. Your console OS is swapping. Esxtop shows the storage statistics in three different screens: The paper covers the following topics: Note that there are queues in different storage layers.


VMKernel computes the interprfting requested memory as a sum atatistics the following components: Ansible is one of the four main players in the automation market, younger then the esxtkp known Chef and Puppet, has been launched in in Durham, N. The number of commands in the VMKernel that are currently queued. But, balloon deflation happens lazily until the VM requests new memory. VMware vRealize Log Insight 4. A group statistics is the sum of world statistics inferpreting all the worlds contained in that group.

Yesterday Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Server which the company defines as a cloud-ready OS. Due to the similarities in the counters of the three disk screens, this section discusses the counters without distinguishing the screens.

So, there are two PCPUs on each core, i. It can indicate that the storage system is unable to meet the demands of the guest operating system.

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