[Comprising Astrology, A Cosmic Science by Isabel M. Hickey &. Pluto or Minerva by Isabel M. Hickey & Bruce H. Altieri). International Standard Book Number. Astrology A Cosmic Science Isabel M. Hickey The Classic Work on Spiritual Astrology ()ver 80, Sold m \ lardcovcr Reviewers* Praise for This Book “If you . Isabel Hickey’s classic, comprehensive “textbook” of spiritual astrology is now once again available in a new edition with a Foreword by.

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The Chinese speak of It as the monkey sign because of its extreme restlessness.

Astrology, a Cosmic Science by Isabel M. Hickey

Libra is self-assertive on the mind astrilogy and their drive needs unprejudiced activity where others are concerned. Scorpio is the mystery sign of the zodiac. When they are evolved and their emotions are tenderized, no sign is more magnanimous or as monumental.

They would rather run than fight and need to learn to face life with courage. What are the qualities of the Ram that are the symbol of the Aries sign? This is the difference between an easy life pattern and a difficult one. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping.

Glynis Has Your Number. This brings deep suffering to the people bom in Pisces. Let us consider your horoscope to be a roadmap. Rulers of the Horoscope: When unevolved they can be the confidence men.


Fate is earmarked in tendencies, not in facts. Dreams, night or day. Buies the sign Cancer and the natural ruler of the fourth house.

You will learn much. Mercury is the planet ruling intellect and intelligence; the mind, not the brain mechanism that is ruled by the Moon. They are good in the field of accounting and bookkeeping. Always the idea of rebirth raises the question: And finally an astrology book that doesn’t have a heavy emphasis on type casting the zodiac signs. Jupiter in Capricorn is held back by the materialism and cautiousness of Capricorn.

The antidote for an afflicted Saturn is Venus.

The physical planets are but the outer forms through which sou] energies manifest. The War of Art. There comsic four serpent signs of the zodiac that have to do with will and power. They dcience tremendous 22 strength and power when they have risen above personality reactions. The only portion of ourselves that can be crucified is the dark self — the personality.

It is not hard to memorize the tables of detriments if you know the signs the planets rule. They have a definite pattern and resist all outer interference that will alter it. It truly is my astrological “bible”. There is waste for it dribbles away in non-essentials.

They are apt to run into difficulties with co-workers and employees because of a supercritical nature and the tendency to pass judgment on others. coemic

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The Moon rules the personality. Such a study brains the student in perceiving realities behind forms. Saturn is not the creator of our difficulties or successes. Taking care of endless sciennce and routine jobs is where they function best. Aries rules beginnings and Scorpio rotes death, so the personality must die in Scorpio in order that the sohi can come into activity.


Awtrology natives have a very strong reserve and are not easily known. Jan 27, Astroloy rated it really liked it. On the higher levels, the soul levels, similar wavelengths attract. So groat is their desire to be liked by everyone, they will not take a stand on an issue, even when they know it to be right inwardly. Wisdom gained through experience. They are psychic sponges, absorbing any atmosphere around them without realizing it.

It is the signs that the planets are in that determine the quadruplicities and triplicities. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. Finding Your Way Through the Labyrinth. Keeper of the Records. They dislike anything crude or coarse. Every sign and every planet is placed somewhere in your horoscope.

They axe able to public opinion by playing on the emotions and feelings of the people. The Sun is in Leo from Cosmc 22nd to August 22nd, approximately.

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