BORANG PERTUBUHAN KESELAMATAN SOSIAL JADUAL CARUMAN BULANAN 8A Bayaran Tunai. UNTUK CARUMAN BULAN b b 2 0 1 t. SOSCO (PERKESO). Borang 8A. Jadual Caruman. Borang 2 (Pendaftaran Pekerja). Borang 1A (Perhentian Majikan). EPF (KWSP). Borang A. Jadual Caruman. DownloadReport. Published on Oct SOCSO Contribution Schedule Jadual Caruman SOCSODocuments ยท THE SOCIAL SECURITY ORGANISATION .

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I heard we need to pay 24 months to entitle the benefits.

Socso procedures

I used that link and change the temporary password. Hardcore Casual Gamer Group: SIP Form 2A f. They say can email lah, but if you’re already going there, you might as well do it in person? If you haven’t, still go via counter.

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Share on Track this topic Print this topic. At least that’s what they told me. Feb 1 Everybody has to chip in to fund the few who can’t.


Go straight to 4th floor. HR need to fill up the registration form SIP of the employee list Employers use their online banking as usual to debit the accounts? They did state that the age coverage on their website. 22014

But dunno their EIS form can come out before end of this month Where is the money now? Later month end flooded with people haha One bowl of wan tan mee gone in a month.

Tarp hater and detector Group: Some more I already went and paid with cheque in 20114. Try your luck guys if you haven’t receive any password but you have submitted long time like me.

They keep saying iperkeso users will transition to assist, but until today also assist not working lmao. Another crowd funding from malaysians. Those doing well will have to cover those not doing well at the risk of carumam criminal activities if they don’t. SOCSO should have millions maybe billions after 30 years of collection.


So just to get this right, when can we claim from the eis? I know this because it happened to me yesterday. This is how insurance works.

Socso procedures

Checked the website, Googled, no info. Feb 5 Some of my friends told me they might registered the forms perkeo password created but their server has problem to send email out to related parties. That is IF you have previously registered with Iperkeso. The EIS contribution total approximately 1.

I can browse the portal now. SOCSO started in the 80’s.

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