PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version P. 15 mar. O planejamento descentralizado de Jane Jacobs. começa em nível teórico na introdução de “Morte e Vida das Grandes Cidades”. Apesar de. In this indispensable book, urban visionary Jane Jacobs – renowned author of The Death and Life of Great Jacobs pinpoints five pillars of our culture that are in serious decay: community and family; higher Morte e vida de grandes cidades.

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However, she is not discouraged by that.

Not only for scientists, but also for politicians her oeuvre offers material to think about. Firstly, neighborhoods should have several functions, so that there are people on the streets at all hours of the day.


Economic development must emerge from within as meshworks of skills grow and proliferate”. This method is clearly seen in the lively writing style of Jacobs. From the title of her first book The Death and Life of Great American Cities it is clear that she prefers to use a biological metaphor: Furthermore, she is, on request and unasked, involved in matters that occupy Canadian politics, like regionalism in Quebec.

It almost seems that Jacobs says that living grahdes the countryside is impossible. Finally, there is one book that stands separate from the others because of vuda focus on the Canadian province Quebec: The similarities between nature and economy should get much more attention according to Jacobs.

It is better to characterize her as the “flea in the fur” of these professional groups; the most important motive for her to write a book has always been the dissatisfaction with the prevailing views in science and politics.


Thirdly, there should be enough jacobbs in the residential area: With her plea for small-scaled cities, diversity, short building blocks, and high population density she emphasizes in each case the structural working of the physical environment for city life.

Her work consists, in total, of seven books and a number of notes varying from short magazine articles to letters to newspapers. To her mind the possibilities for “syndrome friendly creativity” in modern terms: The former is a model for her thinking about urban development, while morye latter gives an impression of her ideas about values which are the foundation of economy and society.

In exact subjects, also, we see the application of the organic, evolutionary approach that Jacobs supports. From the nineties she occupied herself with penetrating the fundamental values in economy and society. According to Jacobs, macro-economic figures like growth or unemployment percentages give a biased view: Let us hope that the blending of both systems will not lead to the “dark age” that Jacobs foresees in her last work.

This infighting in science is reprehensible because, she says, “Ideology does not solve problems. She says that national gandes is moreover an improper instrument to solve regional inequalities in a country.

Quem planeja? O planejamento descentralizado de Jane Jacobs | Caos Planejado

It is not so much about keeping in touch with the neighbors, but rather about interaction on the street, at the bus stops or in shops. Especially her later books about fundamental values in which she uses Platonic dialogues would not meet the scientific standards of objectivity, ability to generalize ckdades test empirically.

The plea of Jacobs to think from the concrete, local and small-scale can also be found in the contributions she made to the debate in the Canadian politics. The mainly English speaking inhabitants of Ontario find this unjustified and push off even more against their French speaking countrymen. In The Death and Life Jacobs expands on the physical conditions which are the foundation of the street ballet.


Creio que os interessados em redes sociais deveriam ler Jacobs, pelo menos as duas obras citadas acima. Politicians struggle with issues in the field of city development and the working of the market every day. For example, some private virtues are public sins and vice versa.

She still lives there happily downtown, on Albany Avenue Jane Jacobsop. She loves the urban dynamic and is fascinated by the people who live, work and amuse themselves in cities. That the body of ideas of Jacobs cuts ice can be seen in the practice of everyday. Random House, The Modern Library.

Quem planeja? O planejamento descentralizado de Jane Jacobs

A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics Jacobs presents a theory in the form of a series of discussion between five fictional New Yorkers who discuss moral issues. Only if in the jumble of facts, experiences and happenings a pattern is recognizable, she advances to generalizations.

After one and a half year Jacobs spread her wings and moved from provincial Scranton to cosmopolitan New York. For a good performance of the urban play, ckdades claims, the scene needs to meet four conditions.

Also in her later work do we clearly see this facts-based method. Leia agora o “A natureza vjda economias”, escrito 40 anos depois do “Morte e Vida”. She also claims that scientific debates have a strongly ideological nature.

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