Princess Juliana Anicia (), daughter of the Anicius Olybrius, Emperor of the is available in facsimile and is now referred to as the Juliana Anicia Codex . PDF | The Greek pharmacopeia of Pedanius Dioscorides (20–70 CE), entitled Peri Ylis Ialikis (latinized as De Materia Medica, On Medical. Ancient Greek Illustrated Dioscoridean Herbals: Origins and Impact of the Juliana Anicia Codex and the Codex Neopolitanus. Article (PDF.

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How to cite item. A putto holds a dedication copy up to Anicia.

It is certain however, that in A. Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, Dioscorides recommended it as a stomachic, a vermifuge, a remedy for jaundice, and a flavoring for absinthe. The portrait has Anicia seated in a ceremonial pose distributing alms.

File:Carrot, Juliana Anicia – Wikimedia Commons

The background of these portraits is golden, another first for this codex – being the earliest known manuscript to use a solid gold background. As a surgeon with the Roman army of Emperor Nero, Dioscorides traveled through Italy, Gaul, Spain, and North Africa, recording the existence and medicinal value of hundreds of plants.

Readers should in the first instance obtain medical advice from qualified, registered health professionals. The series of frontispieces in the manuscript begins with two full-page miniatures, each having a group of seven noted pharmacologists.

As he relates at the end of his Turkish Letters IV, cofex. Listed as Codex Vindobonensis Medicus Graecus 1. Her glittering genealogy aside, Juliana is primarily remembered as one of the first non-reigning female patrons of art in recorded history.

Vienna Dioscurides – Wikipedia

I t has been suggested that some of the illustrations in the codex may have been derived from Krataeus, author of a lost herbal and physician to the King of Pontus, Mithridates VI Eupater, in the 1st century BCE.


Cambridge University Press, Dioscorides compiled his medical treatise at the suggestion of a fellow-physician, Areius. A decoction taken as a drink with wine helps those bitten by harvest spiders.

A new English translation by Tess. Throughout the Byzantine period the manuscript was used as the original for copies of the work that were given to foreign leaders, including the Arabic edition of Abd al-Rahman III of Spain for the creation of which the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII sent a Greek copy and a translator.

In addition to the text by Dioscorides, the manuscript has appended to it the Carmen de herbis attributed to Rufusa paraphrase of an ornithological treatise by a certain Dionysius, usually identified cldex Dionysius of Philadelphiaand a paraphrase of Nicander ‘s treatise on the treatment of snake bites.

A decoction of covex seed of any of them taken as a drink is warming. See some illustrated pages: Pliny is less systematic and more credulous than Dioscorides. It is an important and rare example of a late antique scientific text.

Anicia is flanked by personifications of Magnanimity and Prudence, while the personification called Gratitude of the Arts kneels before her.

Staphylinos Agrios The wild carrot, but appears to be a primitive type of nuliana carrot. Next to Rue, Wormwood is the bitterest herb. The artist seems to have based his work on illustrations from the Rhizotomicon of Crateuas of Pergamon 1st century B. With all this in mind, I believe the information in this document is still of interest and benefit to us, after all this time.

It was destined to be one of the most famous books on pharmacology and medicine but is also richin horticulture and plant ecology. The flowers are white, and in these is the seed which is sharp, white, rough and sweet smelling when chewed. By using this site, you cosex to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ananalys is of the illustrations indicates that they were made by numerous artists of varying skills and it is probable that some were derived from an earlier amicia version.


In the second portrait see hereDioscurides sits writing in a codex on his lap.

File:Carrot, Juliana Anicia Codex.jpg

He was a contemporary of the Roman, Pliny, whose monumental work on natural history the history of the world mentions about different plants. The second pair are Apollonius Mys and Nicander. There are 31 images in JAC which do not appear in NAP, 1 is a 13th century addition, 4 are images that can be assigned to2 torn pages. Introductory notes by R. But she did not make it as great and beautiful as it is Book Five dealt with wines and included a carrot recipe! Retrieved from ” https: The genus of this herb was originally named Chironia after Chiron, a centaur of Greek mythology who snicia famous for his knowledge of medicinal plants.

What Vienna Dioscurides or Dioscorides means is that it is a book written by one Dioscorides that is now kept in Vienna. At her feet, another personification, labeled “Gratitude of the Arts”, kneels.

I shall coxex cease to urge the Emperor to ransom so noble an author from such slavery. For this and other commissions Juliana may be considered the first non-reigning patron of the arts in recorded history. As mentioned in previous post, this is the oldest extant manuscript with dedication portrait: Vienna Dioscorides; Juliana Anicia Codex.

Enjoy the few of its illustrations, which anici come from Wikimedia Commons. Although not as naive ckdex many other herbal writers, he showed little scientific interest concentrating rather on aniciaa practical uses of plants and sometimes giving only brief descriptions, perhaps from other primary sources.

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