As the manual with the KO2 is so poor I thought it might be a good idea to have one thread for all the tips, tricks, discoveries and shortcuts that. the instruction manual but isn’t because these days instruction manuals The Kaossilator 2 is a reasonably inexpensive x-y touchpad device. The Korg Kaossilator KO-1 is a portable music synthesizer manufactured by Korg . Termed a on the LED display but are given specific names in the instructions. It is possible to overcome the two-bar limit as the Kaossilator records audio.

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However, if a person has some music theory background, they know that if you can set the root to an E and then re-set the scale type to Aeolian, you get the same notes as a G-major scale, but starting at E.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The manual is kaoxsilator light. But fretless instruments require exceptional dexterity to play and a good ear. Thu Jul 26, 3: It offers sounds, vocoder patches, four channels of looping, MIDIa gate arpeggiator, 31 scales, editor software, and other features.

Korg Kaossilator

The aim is to keep on adding to this document to create a central location for everything everyone contributes: Two — My Kaossilator 2 Tip The little x-y touchpad is so powerful because it can be defined and re-defined from one performance to the next, from one sound to the next, or in any style for any reason in any way a person may choose to re-define it.

Fifth, it is a sampler, so any new sound you enjoy can be incorporated into all of its existing technology. On a device such as an iPad where the touchpad is also a display screen it is easy akossilator touch the notes you want. A limited-edition pink casing was also produced, and for a time it was sold at a significantly lower price kaosslator the yellow model at many music shops.


Programs are indicated only by a letter-and-two-digit designation on the LED display but are given specific names in the instructions.

I have also set up a FB page for mqnual to share their discoveries and creations. Also I like the fact that it is small, so Little Plastic Doll can perform on it.

Retrieved from ” https: A compilation of tips, tricks and discoveries has been started on the following link. And of course this works for any key. The more you know, the more fun you can have. I certainly recommend the Korg Kaossilator 2 to anyone looking to experiment with modern high-tech performance techniques.

Downloads | kaossilator 2 – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

On the Kaossilator, if you define the pad as two or more octaves everything is very close together. And you can control the root note which appears at the far left of the x-y touchpad. As the manual with the KO2 is so poor I thought it might be a good idea to have one thread for all the tips, tricks, discoveries and shortcuts that people have started posting about the KO2. When played back one hears the first two bars but then two more will be available afterwards.

There are spots to affix lanyards. Tue Jul 24, 4: But if you set the pad as a single octave each note is roughly about the width of an adult fingertip. First of all, you can experiment with x-y touchpad performing. If you set B as the root and the scale type as Phrygian you get the notes of the G-major scale but starting at B.

The Higher Handbook has just had a minor update: It weighs g 5. Termed a “dynamic-phrase synthesizer” by the manufacturer, it is capable of producing a wide range of sounds, can produce a continuous music loop, and can be tuned to various keys and scales. If you want your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to come crawling back to you on their knees no matter why you broke up you need to watch this video right away Thu Jul 19, 9: You can control the arrangement within the octave.


Discrete or absolutely smooth transitions from note to note, total control over dynamics, and easy integration with emotional expression without requiring great manual dexterity. So it would have been better if Korg had included manuaal section in their instruction sheet describing how you can control the x-y touchpad in this way.

But like almost everything else, the more you know, I mean really know, the easier technology is to kaossiltaor and have fun with. Wed Jul 18, 9: And, as I said, iPad resources are becoming available that use similar x-y touchpad input so performance skills will have a future, too.

The traditional stuff sticks around and usually high-tech stuff is just a fad. View my complete profile. Doing this will make four bars available by setting the Loop Length to 16but this disables the Undo function [6]. Finally an F -root as a Locrian scale gives you G-major notes starting at F. Sat Jul 28, 9: Does it make sense to have all the tips on one thread? Fretless string instruments like violins, cellos and various basses come closest to matching these characteristics.

The Kaossilator mmanual is yellow with a silvery metal face-plate. Reports from the Goblin Universe or, Shadows on the Analemma.

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