Irish crime novelist Ken Bruen tells Bob Flynn how he exorcised his The Guards, then subverts the premise with his protagonist-narrator. A woman makes an unlikely choice by asking Jack Taylor to investigate the apparent suicide of her teenage daughter in Galway. Jack is ex. Ken Bruen (born ) is an Irish writer of hard-boiled and noir crime fiction. Bruen’s works include the well-received White Trilogy and The Guards. In

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This is written first person with great style and voice. The protagonist spends much of the novel drinking, recovering from drinking, or attempting to refrain from drinking. With The Guards already an Irish bestseller, guuards has a Jack Taylor trilogy in the pipeline, and there are film offers on the table alongside growing American interest. Jack Taylor stands out as an incredibly fascinating character, one for whom you can’t help but feel sorry.


Call that a recommendation, if you want. From Brusn, the free encyclopedia. Representations of Justice, Bern, Peter Lang, 23— Come mai vuole l’aiuto di un alcolizzato? Don’t be fooled by the positive blurb by James Crumley on the back; The Guards is nowhere near as good as any of his books.

The Guards by Ken Bruen – book review

I found myself needing to read these books together to see what would happen with Jack. View all 6 comments. Immigration is also a theme to be found in these works. And the ending involves a frequent, even cliche element in hard-boiled detective fiction that usually is a deal breaker, and in a strange way it’s because Jack is so damaged, it comes off less cold-blooded than it usually would.


The other characters surrounding him really help to draw out Jack’s personality; they are also very well drawn. It’s a fine book with some crimes.

This is mystery writing f a high order. Taylor agrees to see what he can do and begins to ask questions.

I have read the first three Brant books, and like them even better. But I was wondering something. Somehow Jack is the first in a long time that makes me relate to his struggles and suffer with him instead of being annoyed guagds it.

But flawed in its choices. Bruen lives in Galway, Ireland.

The author’s smile widens into a wicked laugh. A darker conspiracy slowly unfolds. True pulp – despite in fact, partly because of the numerous blunt literary references.

My name’s Margot Kinberg.

But he does investigate and manages, after a stint in the drunk tank, to find out that other girls have also ‘committed suicide’ in similar circumstances. He also tackles corruption in the church and mental illness. It is both dark and funny, will make you laugh and cry, and will show you without flinching both the good and bad side of human nature.

THE GUARDS by Ken Bruen | Kirkus Reviews

It’s as if Bruen made up his mind to tell us this story whether we wanted to hear it or not. Stark, violent, sharp, and funny, The Guards is an exceptional novel, one that leaves you stunned and breathless, flipping back to the beginning in a bruenn dash to find Jack Taylor and enter his world all over again.

Bruen’s tale is a potent draft of desire and hopelessness, conviction and surrender, inadvertent heroism and unexpected grace. I wonder if it provides a welcome contrast to the ugliness they sometimes have to face. The blurbs tuards the back of Ken Bruen’s novel The Guards are impressive: Are you searching for a proper crime-novel?


Books by Ken Bruen. The Best Books of Thanks for telling us about the problem. Notify me of new posts via email.

Ann Henderson, lovely, grieving, distraught, has lost a child, her daughter. A minor reputation began to build on a false premise.

The book reminded me quite a bit of The Long-Legged Fly which featured another alcoholic detective, though in that story, James Sallis ‘s Lew Griffin seems almost to embrace his drinking problem as part of his mystique and a necessary evil for the work he does. Bryen spent twenty-five years as an English teacher in Africa, Japan, S. I enjoyed the secondary characters on offer here and the atmosphere bfuen the novel.

There was a problem adding your email address. Later we are told that an instructor in the police training school described Jack thus: Don Winslow ha inserito questo libro nella sua personale brueh delle cinque top crime novel: I usually steer away guares the plots involving the theme of the drunk brjen or former cop.

This is a mediocre mystery with decent writing and an unrelenting description of how alcoholism can affect a person’s psyche.

Filed under Ken BruenThe Guards. Why is that, do you think? Jack’s internal struggles and interpersonal relationships were more compelling than many a thriller I have read of late.

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