Keylontic Science. The Freedom Teachings demonstrate, and in substantial detail, that the connection between Science and Spirituality, the relationship. Keylontic Science Dictionary The Keylontic Science Dictionary is a wonderful tool for new-comers as well as seasoned Keylontic Science Students. It contains. Kelontic Science Dictionary. Web Analysis for Keylonticdictionary – Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online. Meta Description of.

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With this integration comes a deep humility, as one truly embodies in ones waking consciousness the living awareness of the common source and divine equal worth of all life.

Sacred Science and the law of ONE: the language of creation

If we detach from the physical realities of ,eylontic bodies and the drama in which they are enmeshed and seek refuge in the more comfortable spaces of our soul we risk losing a valuable part of our identities. The scientific detail, historical context and manifest expression of Merkabic distortion are not pretty.

The Cycle of Life by: Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix by: Polarity The treatment of polarity is a fundamental issue that differentiates this work from many other teachings.

These portions of the teachings would make little sense without the historical events that have occurred and the effects these events are having on our present day reality. The organic changes are giving us an opportunity to rapidly accelerate our healing. The problem arises where the flow back into integrity with source is blocked for any reason, i. In the 3D world, we are empowered by knowing how our physical bodies work and how the systems within which we exist work such as the political, educational and monetary systems.

Keylonticdictionary : Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online

SiNeh “Some full interviews you can find at https: I am driving along in my car and I get a puncture. We learn how our bio-energetic systems fit into that of the planet Earth, Galaxy, Universe dictjonary Cosmos. Not all Merkaba teachings offered at this time achieve this positive outcome and this is why there is such an emphasis and thorough detail given on Merkaba mechanics within the MCEO teachings. There are parts of us beyond polarity. Those of us who hear the deep voice within, aching to find meaning and purpose, start searching for the Truth.

The Core Substance of Manifest Form is Consciousness We begin to recall, and remember more purposefully that the core substance of manifest form is Consciousness. But we needn’t worry about these. The MCEO teachings explain why it is fool-hardy not to consider them in this contemporary time period of !


However krylontic is a part of Source and a part of us blocked down here. The foundation techniques work with Dimension 12 Keyolntic frequency which acts a carrier wave for all other frequencies.

The D frequency is also known as our Christos or Avatar level of consciousness. The first option would be great if it worked. If I think about or bring attention to the punctured wheel it will only create the problem! The D frequency was anchored on planet for the first time in overyears on All of these concepts are explored thoroughly in the foundation materials.

The frequencies being anchored on the planet at this time mean that one can perhaps progress more quickly scuence one could even a few years ago, but there are still basic steps which are advisable before studying the more recent materials.

The Reason for Emphasis We may ask, why such emphasis on Merkaba mechanics? Any being which feels the need to present itself as Lord A or Master B or Archangel C, and to use this implication of rank to control or manipulate, is coming from a hierarchical position which is the anathema of pure, divine, Christed love. The MCEO teachings describe how inter-dimensional politics and purposeful distortion by beings who have already experienced monadic reversal of natural Universal Merkaba mechanics has created a situation whereby knowledge and healing of our personal Merkaba fields has reached critical importance.

Focusing On Real Values A great way to a new standard. Products for your Wellness.

They can be considered as the primal lungs and circulatory systems of God-Source, breathing primal currents into via the clockwise, base-electric, male spiral and out of via the djctionary, base-magnetic female spiral manifestation with harmonious precision. By giving us a balance of Sacred Science, Historical context and Technique we can progressively empower ourselves to heal and make informed choices within the dramas of our own personal life and the Cosmos in which we exist.

It’s not about right and wrong nor good and bad anymore. This makes life simpler! Further, the knowing that we are in truth, powerful, co-creators with God-Source, sciende all teachings we are treated as responsible and Spiritually mature and, as such, we are offered correspondingly exceptional information and tools. It separates the problem from a solution. The Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Sciehce MCEO teachings are an unparalleled gift to humanity restoring knowledge that was last common knowledge in our cultures 25, years ago.

The Extent of the Problem and the Need to Heal In our physical body a sickness occurring in one area will be translated, by virtue of the inter-relatedness of the organs within the body, into sickness in other parts of the body. This knowledge gives us the opportunity to make a fundamental and therefore powerful shift in consciousness beginning the restoration of meaningful, tangible, self-awareness of ourselves as a multi-dimensional construct of conscious energy, not separate from God-Source but residing within the multi-dimensional, living fields of consciousness that is God-Source.


Reclaiming our Health By understanding our multi-dimensional energetic reality, we can recognise that the Divine Blue Print for health is a real construct of conscious energy within uswaiting for us to restore our conscious connection with it. It’s not so much our ‘souls’ or higher parts that we need worry about saving.

A dictionarj scientific way of expressing this would be to say that with this system we are activating our DNA strands, many of which have been dormant or distorted for thousands of years.

A short venture into the MCEO teachings reveals not only the true history of Humanity but also the choices that are facing us during our present time period.

Ironically detaching from scince problem is more separative or polarising. We grow more acutely familiar with the multi-dimensional energetic structure behind and within the Cosmos and all things in manifest form, including Human and Angelic Beings. When we face a problem, bring attention to it, we are not creating nor necessarily reinforcing the problem.

BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES – Understanding Keylontic Science

But there’s the rub. We don’t have centuries to sit around figuring the niceties of things anymore. These materials were released in the foundation period and were specifically designed as the framework within which all subsequent materials could be quickly and properly followed. Until I can do so there is part of me trapped in polarity due to various distortions in the natural processes of creation.

Is it not enough to be spiritual and idealistic leylontic leave science to the scientists? Full discussion of DNA is available in many of the materials.

This can be compared with the constructs in the Transduction-Manifestation Sequence of Creation. They are constructs through which consciousness in the form of frequency can be directed by our own application into manifest form.

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