The winder is a 4-rope Koepe winding machine with integrated motor. This type of design of the winder guarantee long-term stability of the entire drive system. Assembly of the winder in the workshop. 4-Rope Koepe winder. 3+1 Channel brake system. ▫ Statement of the investment and operating costs. ▫ Comparison of . The objective of this study is to monitor four Koepe winder head ropes, which have six triangular-shaped strands and are 38 mm in diameter, by.

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Multi-rope friction hoists have a winded lift capacity than a drum hoist. To design the machinery underground in such a way that the excavation of the shaft could be realised as quickly as possible.

The force exerted by the springs is relieved by a hydraulic piston located in the cylinder at the lower end of the brake engine assembly. The installation of a Koepe winding plant in a working shaft Part II. In the headgear, two reinforced concrete beams are situated below the winder floor approximately 4 m deep and 1,2 m wide, crossing the headgear structure and carrying the winder. The design and construction of this protection is important as the Koepe winder installation must provide tail rope protection and must not restrict rope movement or looping.

The winder is designed to haul a payload of 20 tonsnes from a depth of m at a speed of m per minute.

Definition of Koepe winder

Besides, with this type of skip, the carrying frame or bridle widner takes the load and rope forces, is separate from the actual payload container or tub which is filled with ore. The skip pan is hinged at the top and its lower end is swung out of the bridle to discharge into the headgear bin.


Wnder rest of the rope is removed from the rope service winder. One is situated at ground level, the other in the engine room. In order to make the construction time as short as possible, the following decisions were taken: Reference with regard to availability.

Hoist (mining)

In automatic operation, the winder is started by pushbutton and is stopped by the magnetic switches of the helical controller. Views Read Edit View history. Look up hoistroom in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. A friction hoist is smaller in diameter than a drum hoist for the same service, making it easier to ship and install than a drum hoist.

The installation of a Koepe winding plant in a working shaft Part II – EE Publishers

Device for lifting and supporting the drum shaft. On the rig are mounted several magnet operated relays in suitable positions see Fig. Determination of the discardign critera for ropes under deep shaft condiitons and magnetic testing device calibration During fatigue testing under drum or Koepe application the windrr as broken wires, abrasion may be recorded and mapped by means of magnetic testing.

It has been found convenient, in such cases, to construct a concrete headgear designed for the addition of a tower-mounted Koepe winder or a ground-mounted drum winder. A plant with a type of headgear was chosen for which the winder could be built at surface level and partially commissioned while the shaft was being constructed. Section through the periphery of the Koepe wheel.

So there are two pit cages fixed at each rope – one moving upwards and the other moving downwards the shaft at the same time. The 5 tonne crane unit can be used during the normal operations of rope changing and for general handling of tools and material.


The rig represents the shaft, to a reduced scale.

Definition of Koepe winder – glossary

The braking force is derived from many helical springs wlnder in compression. The spring loaded keeps or jack catches are as shown in Fig.

To a large extent, the headgear is designed as a box-type structure with a minimum of smoothly painted surfaces which make it especially resistant to corrosion.

All four tail ropes are clamped about 1,8 m below the cappels. Steel bearers are placed across the opposite compartment to support four 50 tonne jacks, the jacking beams and the suspension-type clamps. Unless the skip is in the correct loading position, an interlocking magnetic contractor prevents the discharge door from being opened. Loading flask The loading flask is also designed as a removable container and is lined with special steel plates, too.

The installation of the winding system coincided with the commissioning of a ton capacity reduction plant. As a cage rotor type motor, this unit is even more robust than a 3-phase synchronous type which is fitted with a number of poles plus a power supply for these poles and therefore requires a certain amount of maintenance. Rubber covered rollers were installed Z to spread the tail ropes, should they hang in too narrow a loop.

Both skip pans are removed from kkoepe respective bridles at bank level. This type of technology is especially robust with regard to changes in the bearing clearance in the motor.

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