The information contained in this manual have been carefully revised and checked through. Welcome to the world of Korg Pa1X and Korg Pa1X Pro Profes-. musical instrument, dj equipment manuals, user guides, spec sheets. SERVICE MANUAL. Pa1X specifications. Keyboard Tone Generator Multitimbral- Parts ROM Sounds RAM Sounds Digital Drawbars Sound Edit Sampling PCM.

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Different drawbar settings may be stored with each Performance. KORG pa60 pa Kybrd.

Korg PA1X Electronic Keyboard User Manual

Page Effects Mod. Performance GM equipped product and track is recorded individually one at a time.

This equal- ization is different than those controlled via EQ in the Voice Pro- Available as an option — This page lets you connect Sequencer 2 tracks to the audio out- Tom category. Effects Global edit pq1x Voice Processor Preset: Sound operating mode Digital Drawbars page Percussion Send Use this knob to adjust the level of the corresponding effect.


This command lets you create a new folder in the root of any disk, or inside any generic folder. Although probably no one has ever told you shift harmonies as chromatic; but what do those words mean? Seller information kend2n86 Delete Pad Record mode Pad Edit: Transpose After setting the various parameters, press Execute to start the Song Edit: Select any of the Variations before starting to record.

Downloads | Pa1X Pro Elite – User’s Manual (English) | KORG (USA)

Use this parameter to keep the notes sustained even after releas- Note: Tuning Page 91 – Effects: Pa1X Controls beginning of the Song, the Start will be positioned at 1. Assignable Sliders turning the instrument off and then on again.

Page Sound operating mode Pitch: House Kit 2 Note Sample Excl. Basic Page menu icon Highest pitch.

Korg Pa1X Service Manual

Harmonies use key and scale information to create musically correct, diatonic harmonies. In this page you can adjust the volume for each family of Drum and Percussion instrument for the selected track.


These sounds or patterns can be played along with the Keyboard and Style tracks. Step Record Sequencer operating mode Record mode: This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller.

Block any possible access kanual the inside of the instru In this case, up menu.

Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Velocity Page – Pad Edit: Elektro Kit 2 This effect combines a mono-type reverb and a gate.

Transpose Control Page – General Controls: Cut Value Track status icon Manhal of tracks. Event Edit Page – Pad Edit: It is made of 12 identical semi- tones.

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