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They organized a meeting, but only one or two people attended.

yds kelime listesi ingilizce isimler yds kelime listesi 10

The article was very well written. Beat the eggs and sugar together. She presented the trophy to the winning team. VWnnie hurt her back in the accident. The sun got hotter and hotter. My little sister is learning to ride, but she’s frightened of big horses. The dancers spun round and round on the ice.

Savas ADAR –

Can you wake me up at 7. Greeks face the prospect of new general elections next month. The army tried to contain the advance of the kelkmeler forces. The money will be shared out among all the members of the family. The emphasis is on the final syllable.


The amount of crime in our cities is rising all the time. The police bundled him into the back of their van. She’s never ridden on an elephant.

David Attenborough presented a new wildlife program. The car failed to stop at the red light. Jodi Foster kelimeoer directed several films. A line of police barred the road. Some birds feed on insects.

We haven ‘t eaten anything since breakfast.

He has already achieved his main ambition in life – to become wealthy. Ieans – leaning – Ieaned They tested him for malaria and other illnesses. Where do you put the emphasis in the word ‘controversy’? kelimeelr

Would you like me to carry your You must try to correct your bag? My dad got a new job. Ten runners will be competing in the race. Her dad brought her back a present from France. English Vocabulary ngilizce Kelime Haznesi They are going on a tour of southern Spain. Press ’12’ kepimeler room service. Kelikeler film festival includes movies The workers at the factory are from around the world. As soon as they found out l was a doctor, their whole attitude changed.


Her boss learned that she was planning to leave the company. She led the way up a flight of stairs. We parked behind the school.

I’ve arranged with my mother that she will feed the cat while we’re away. The cat rubbed herself against my Don’t wait for me, I’ll be late.

A dog was digging in the dirt. The cream has had no effect on her rash. Billy argued that war is not the answer. The machine works by electricity. Ali the rooms meet ko standard required. There was grass growing in the The president kslimeler eiected for a term middle of the road. He was drowned in a diving accident.

yds kelime listesi ingilizce isimler yds kelime listesi 10

Have you written to thank Grandma for your present yet? He wrote a book on keeping tropical ish. We teach children how to read and write.

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