I will be coaching a limited number of students in You can contact me by . My goal is to help the community side of daygame here, not the business. Such blogs are still valuable moral support for guys near your level. Here’s my flags in order of collection. In all cases there was full vaginal sex.

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This is a vicious cycle of creepiness and avoidance. Where do you recommend I start? I hope you can find the time to investigate these matters in between fucking everything that moves, and desist from your existing ignorant views. Thanks for a thorough book in Daygame Mastery.


Also the greater the age difference, the more impressive. Brainbuster April 22, at 4: She is no longer directly within your aura of masculine dominance and the love bubble will pop. Mr Zero Man March 21, at 7: Johnny Guitar September 29, at 7: Every success I have is due to learnable personal charisma. Quick question, does the Daygame Mastery paperback version has the same content as the hardback version?

Stories are varied between London and travel, each man writing under his own handle. I hope to get to your level some day. The gladiator who defied and emperor. Mystery and Style are bullshitters who wrote ktauser good material and played a pivotal role in shaping the community but they were not good with women.


The slave who became a gladiator. You want to pay attention to who your legitimate competitors are, and what they are krquser. It is warm, yellow, orange and it makes crisping sounds. Skin In The Game is about four topics in one: There are two routes: So I immediately bought all your books and am very grateful. Is it okay to ask game questions? Ev January 21, at 9: In the sales letter you might want to have a section where you run through 12 of these girlswith pics.


It has 39 chapters and each introduces a figure of rhetoric. How to read women to fine-tune your next step forwards. It creates an inner feeling, about Ni and Te, the new idea which fits inside your rational framework.

Personal responsibility, doing your own digging to find info, all valid, and to be expected coming from any self made man. Read your Daygame Mastery Book. See the promotional material for Gladiator: It takes krsuser certain number of lays before you feel confident hand-waving away all those idiot researchers.

Jimmy clambered over the bric-a-brac and oddities, back through the bird cages, books and furniture that littered his path back towards the door. Diogo February 11, at 8: I needed a change of pace. I absolutely agree and that puts the krausre on why I liked his Inspector West and The Toff stories so much [3].

The classic Nightwatchman State of philosophical liberalism. Cruel As A Cat begins with poor young James Clayton hidden in shrubbery on the moors at the peak of summer while a manhunt rages lua him. Would you be interested in seeing it when it comes? Finally, unexpectedly, something snapped.


People find those old infields every time they type Krauser kraser youtube and they see your game from Monday, July 30, Nick Krauser Facts. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Day Game Model | Krauser PUA

You were talking about how racial conflict is merely a creation of the elite or some other biology denying conspiracy theory. Once the girl is chosen you must deal with Approach Anxiety so I excavate to the core psychological process that inhibits you from freely opening any girl you like.

This advice stuck with me in my Game journey in which I try to give credit to those I learned from e. It was the mass immigration and globalist trading which allowed the spread of virulent pestilence from the Third World into Europe.

What, you already did that, with 39 of them? One problem with having a family is that certain constants would have to stop attitudes like ZFG and readiness to walk away at any time, or dread game like not calling back for a day.

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