IKEAPEDIA – KVARTAL Triple curtain rail aluminum color (IKEA United States) – View Product Details – Download Assembly Instructions – Get. Vision: IKEA Kvartal triple track rail rod for sliding Panel Curtains (used like Here is me laughing at the instructions, which is pretty much just a. The problem with IKEA curtain systems is that you’re buying components in pieces, so you don’t get complete instructions. When you buy the.

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I realize now that I need some additional parts, but knowing is half the battle!

She had bought her fabric at our local fabric store score! Not for the faint of heart, a long and frustrating day even with your excellent tutorial.

I then did the brass knob at the other end. Yes, you’re screwing a screw onto another screw. You are welcome Marguerite! I cannot imagine assemblying with just the paper instructions. My door is inches. It was also grooved to aid in the gripping of the track. Any additional help would be great, your help so far was excellent and thanks again.

Back to the drawing board. The details were so important. This is not the part that holds the fabric. My plan was to use the back 2 rails for the panels — which i thought would create an overlap to eliminate light coming through between the panels.

Great pictures and commentary, even made me laugh while doing this project. I do really like the blinds though, and would install them again. It just makes life easier!


KVARTAL Triple curtain rail aluminum color (IKEA United States) – IKEAPEDIA

The triple and single track rail rods installed. Now I can wash them when they get dirty. They slide over the plate and then are tightened with a tiny screw and allen wrench to hold them in place.

HI, just curious as to how you tightened the the little tiny phillips screw on the bottom of the wall hardware? IKEA is always vague but that one not even remotely close to being understandable.

Glad to know I could help so many people! However, we found one of the boxes of plastic cards seemed to go onto the rod better than another box.

This part requires two sets of hands enter adorable husband Jim. You attach the 2 single track rails just like shown earlier with the 2 triple track rail. But I wanted to make a small correction. Cut your panel carefully! We however needed to drill all the holes at 7.

We also purchased 2 of the curved rails, so the drapes would curve back to the wall and block out more light. Glansnava are ” and they pool on my floor. My husband and I kvartao just installed 4 window systems this weekend. Thanks for this tutorial.

Troubleshooting IKEA Kvartal Curtain Rods Install

As you may recall, we had a bit of an issue with our plastic vertical blinds when we took them down to get our new windows installed, which resulted in us using a sheet to cover one of the windows in our master bedroom. It came out ok but will need to iron it. Hi Eric, Glad I could help and entertain at the same time! I went with pleats. Going to tackle this tomorrow again. Not only are our windows in a cornerbut they are also huge.


A few of mine have snapped too; I think because of the heat in the summer and the cold in the ikez. Glad I could help! Originally I thought I needed one for each panel! Even the illustrations fail to properly indicate certain item and in their proper orientation which makes it more difficult.

You do this because you will want to have a ceiling fixture at the center of the rail. The one screw we tried first was broken, but managed with the others. No matter which style hooks you choose, all three ultimately have to hang onto these plastic wheeled hangers.

Now my problem is finishing the vetical edges without hemming. I need to add another panel but I am unsure how that is going to work when I try to slide them to open and close. So my mom hired me kvqrtal figure out the details and to do most of the work with her help. You will eventually make the connections. We first lined up the brass knobs on the instguctions and slid them into the silver square ceiling fixtures.

To accomplish the look I want, do I need to add a single rail? What works for me is putting all four panels back catches like this: Store said yes but guy says maybe not. I ended up going with the ceiling fixture mounts.

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