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La Casa Del Silencio/ The House of Silence by Orhan Pamuk | eBay

Silent Housean early work by Orhan Pamuk that appears in English translation only some three decades after it was first published, is a novel of remarkably controlled ambition.

Pamuk sets it in seaside Cennethisar, about an hour out of Istanbul, rather than in the bustling metropolis itself. The time is just before the military coup ofbut larger national politics is filtered via newspaper reports, while the local activity is limited to young thugs trying to take advantage of the political climate to make a few bucks and throw their weight around.


The story is fairly simple: Cennethisar has become a more upscale town, but the: Ancient Fatma lives there still, attended to by a dwarf, Recep — the illegitimate son of her husband. Her husband, and her son and his wife are long dead, apmuk her three grandchildren now come for one of their visits.

slencio The chapters are alternately narrated by each of five characters: Recep; his nephew, Hasan; Fatma; and her grandsons Metin and Faruk. Metin hangs out with the local rich kids, hopelessly infatuated with one of them, Ceylan. Historian Faruk spends his time burrowing in the local archives. Rotating through these personal perspectives, Pamuk effectively presents a picture of this specific time and circumstances.

The two boys’ — they’re hardly adult — pining for girls who are out of reach is effectively used to bring events to various heads, with neither willing to believe they can’t just win over their loves; inevitably, too, there is collateral damage.

La casa del silencio – Orhan Pamuk – Google Books

Meanwhile, Faruk’s flailing attempts to find a story and a way of telling that story in the history he sifts through mirror the novelist’s efforts, with Faruk reminding himself: The structure of our brain probably has to change if we are ever to see and understand clearly, not just history, but also the world and life itself.

That passion for listening to stories leads us astray every time, dragging us off to a world of fantasy, even as we continue to live in one of flesh and blood There is quite a bit of reading going on in the book — though not solely of books: Typically, too, Metin accuses his sister that she’s forgotten her own past — because: All those books you read make you forget everything!

The reality of Turkey at that time is an ugly one, as the lists of dead in the newspaper do remind them.


The ‘silent house’ is not a place that can turn an entirely deaf ear to the world at large — and, indeed, aspects of the current troubles do eventually intrude.

But, as Recep notes — a feeling likely shared, one way or another, by the others Well, there you have it, everything’s beyond the power of our speech and our words. As Pamuk suggests — gently, rather than forcefully, as some young novelists might — it’s dwl quite like that, as he manages to fashion a work that subtly but effectively conveys that time and place exceptionally well as fel as other things, like young love and class differences.

Pamuk doesn’t try to do too much here, and so Silent House isn’t some epic of the times — yet in its almost understated simplicity it works very well. A fine and approachable introduction to the author and his work, and a good read.

La casa del silencio/ The House of Silence by Orhan Pamuk (2006, Paperback, Translation)

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La casa del silencio / House of Silence

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